Friday, 9 March 2012

Family Frolics- Fun at the beach

It always cheers me up when I can join in with Multiple Mummy's linky, it means we've managed to take some time out as a family.

As we drove home from running some errands last Sunday, we decided to stop off at the beach. As the weather wasn't too great we opted for the one we thought would be more sheltered, and headed to Barry Island.

As we arrived there was a bit of a downpour, but that was it; aside from the odd blast of wind.

As we walked along the promenade we had a sign, a sign that we really have made this our home- Tony bumped into somebody he knew! May sound daft, but this is my man from Yorkshire. Someone Tony plays squash with was covering his parents shop for the weekend, and in a random act of kindness gifted Seren with a bucket and spade. This boosted Seren from being excited to be at the beach to very, very excited at the prospect of making sandcastles.

Seren has been to the beach before but this was the first time she really led on the sandcastle building.

And as we went to bed that night she surprised me by telling me how much she loved Thomas. I assumed she meant her brother, but we always call him Tom. Until she continued "and my pink spade", she was of course referring to her new bucket!

It's a good job the beach is so near, I predict we'll be spending a lot of time there!

Pop along and join in with your family frolics:

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  1. What a beautiful beach and glorious day you had! The photo's are stunning and I just love a day at the beach. Loving the double buggy in the background!

    Thank you for linking to Family Frolics! x


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