Monday, 26 March 2012

Hello Kitty and activity time

For anyone who knows me and my little girl you'll know how much we both love books.
When we were asked by Harper Collins to review two Hello Kitty books I'm not sure who was most excited when they arrived- admittedly the chance to review books had left me in disbelief!
Harper Collins have published two new Hello Kitty books: "My first cookbook" and "Best friends activity book".

I must admit to shying away from the cookbook (this won't surprise friends) and we had lots of fun with the activity book. The great thing about the book is that is stimulates discussion and it is so good to watch Seren's face as her mind concocts all sorts of answers. Some of the activities did seem too old for her (she has just turned three) but it is a book she loves so I imagine it will grow with her, and has the benefit of allowing thoughts on friendship and sharing (a big thing with two brothers) to be presented to her in a way she better relates to.

The big surprise for me is how much we have loved the Hello Kitty My First Cookbook. At first I was exasperated by Seren constantly choosing the book as one of her two at bedtime- how on earth do you make a cookbook into a bedtime story?! But Seren won. We talk about what foods are presented on each page, what those foods taste like and what they can make.

The book is nicely split into breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats. This in itself is helping Seren to gain a better concept as to what falls into each category- namely that pasta isn't for breakfast and coco-pops aren't for tea.

So far the book has accompanied us on at least three trips to the shops as we find the ingredients and go home to make the recipe.

I am not sure who this book is aimed at, my logical side would say it is definitely aimed at 3 to 5 year olds, my suspicious side would say it is aimed at parents who have no confidence in the kitchen.
Since picking up this book at bedtime we have not only progressed to following the recipes but also to cooking more things from scratch.

Seren loves it, I love it, and daddy and the boys reap the rewards!

Seren and daddy testing the pancake recipe. Seren recreated the scene with a smaller pan and cut-out pancake!
And, our first time making a cake from scratch!:

I have loved having this cookbook in our collection and would definitely recommend it for toddlers and nervous chefs-to-be alike!

For the purposes of this review we received two Hello Kitty books, the views presented are entirely our own.


  1. I've just added the cookbook to my daughter's Amazon wishlist. She's a dab hand at crumble making but also seems to think that cereal is an all-day menu item.


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