Saturday, 24 March 2012

In the blink of an eye

My little girl turned three last Sunday.
Wow! How did that happen?

When you are living it you tend to feel every minute, those first six weeks, the sleeplessness, the growth spurts, the teething, the weaning, crawling, cruising, walking.

And yet, I am still not sure where the last three years have gone.

I cannot believe the strength my daughter has, her personality, her confidence, her opinion.
She has the strength of belief at this tiny age that I hope will serve her well throughout her life.

During her few years she breezed through life, she has just taken it in her stride. Getting to know a family so many miles away, the drive down to Cardiff every month; having mummy full time, then daddy, then mummy, then daddy; moving house, moving pre-schools; gaining two little brothers. These things would be a challenge to most, and yet Seren has just got on with it.

Seren is, to us, the most rounded child, she is a loving, playful sister, good company to adults, kind and considerate. Seren has the benefit of the support of my parents, my mum takes her out every Monday, first for coffee with the ladies and then onto soft play, or crafts at home. Seren has learnt how to socialise so well, making sure every one is catered for before settling down herself; she is so sure of her opinions and what she wants to do, days with her are a pleasure.

Of course she can still be a pain in the derriere, anyone with her backbone is a difficult negotiator. We have always had to wait for her to be ready for things rather than being able to 'train' her. After the event it never seems as traumatic, but when you are in it- the feeding, weaning, sleep patterns- it can seem the most never ending.

But at the end of every day, we have this little girl, who brings the best laughs, the most love.

Happy Birthday Seren Poppy!

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