Monday, 16 April 2012

2012 Quarterly Review

How did this happen? It's April, what a stupidly fast year it's been already.
As I find myself at work getting told off for not getting my end of quarter reports done, having to schedule performance reviews, I recalled how optimistically I had set my new year's resolutions- I can no longer bring myself to capitalise these 'resolutions', I know how far away I am from achieving them.

So, realistically, how far off am I?

There was the weight loss. Well, that's a so-so one, Tony and I have a chart now, he's doing far better than me. I'm sort of doing ok. Although part of this was due to a horrible bug and the weight might not actually stay off, because, of course, children shouldn't eat chocolate- so I'm doing my bit by eating their Easter eggs.

Seeing my friends regularly, hand on heart, absolutely rubbish at this one. The drain of work, the ever decreasing circle of illness and bugs. I really do hope the summer helps this one.

Work- well I could say I'm doing really well at this one, but the idea was to do less. We are now being asked not to work before 0730 or after 1830. Apart from in exceptional circumstances, not sure which way to look at it, but my project is considered such a circumstance. So now, hopefully the light is in sight, proposal must be in my midnight on April 26th, things may just find an even keel.

Another one I think I'm doing dismal at, Seren's school place for September, I thought we had made our decision, I thought I had submitted all the forms. But a blank set turned up to be urgently returned today- so maybe I'm loosing it.

Family time is doing a lot better, we're having a lot more time together and trying to get out more as a family. So this is something I want to do more of but we're on the right track.

So, how have the first three months of the year been?
When it's good, it's really good.
And when it's bad, it's Pants.

I can't believe how much better life is when nobody's ill.
I can't believe how many bugs have done the rounds in only three months.

So, a new resolution: To keep the family healthy and happy. So easy to say- but what's a resolution is not a challenge!



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  1. Seems like time really flies this year, huh? It won't be long until it's summer already and I haven't even finished writing my New Years resolution list yet.


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