Friday, 13 April 2012

Budgeting - Car Boot Sales

My husband loves car boot sales. We used to live in a market town and twice a week there would be flea markets. Tony loved them. It would be a frequent challenge to spend a pound on a Sunday morning.

I have to admit to a positive of this, I read more, of different authors. There were regular booksellers on the market and when it was only pound you didn't mind taking a punt on something you may not consider reading usually. I guess to some degree the Kindle has picked up from here, but I am a traditionalist, I love turning pages myself.

When we decided to sell the house we did a load of car boot sales. It was amazing- the time told truth of "one man's trash...", the proceeds of the car boots funded much needed cosmetic improvements on the house.

We often use Ebay but to be honest, compared to the immediacy of a car boot sale, and the associated fees, car boot sales win every time (subject to good weather of course!).

On moving to Wales, Tony needed something to stop our insufficient funds burning a hole in his pocket. And what finds he made- not only do we have a car boot sale five minutes down the road every Sunday afternoon, but there are some larger scale car boot sales at Bessemer Road, in Leckwith and in Sully as well.

Car boot sales have allowed us to buy some tatt we would never have considered buying new. This is especially good when you have three little ones. Like us, many families chose to get rid of their children's paraphernalia through this route. Over the past year we've managed to get vtech tables and walkers for under a fiver, bed guards for a couple of pounds, and Tony now is getting so good he spots bargains to sell on to invest the profits in treat for himself.

From a pink canoe to the kayek of his dreams!

I've even managed to progress my spending from books to trinkets for the kitchen.

With the double whammy of getting out as a family for some fresh air, car boot sales have turned into a regular Sunday thing for us, it's certainly a good way of picking up things for the children that we would not have been able to afford otherwise.

And as a testament to how far we've been here, this weekend when offered the chance of the grandparents looking after the boys, what have we chosen to do with our time: sort out the wardrobes and garage so we can do a car boot sale with the clothes, equipment and toys the li'l ones have grown out of!

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