Sunday, 22 April 2012

The downside of schedules

So, after beating myself up in my quarterly review for not seeing as much of my friends as I would have liked, I have once again been reminded that sometimes the best nights are the unplanned ones.

Following a chat with my mum I was surprised that she was volunteering for more babysitting duties, being aware of how little time Tony and I have together at the moment. Oh, and how would this Saturday night be?

Cue a text to 'the homies' and as if fate stepped in, all were free.

Tony offered to drive so I could share a few drinks with the girlies and we had a fab night at Cardiff Bay.
Admittedly, it was not the drinking antics of years gone by, it was a very enjoyable meal- good food, flowing drinks, and amazing company.

It is so good to laugh, to relax, and to catch up.

As always, it was good that it just doesn't matter how often we see each other- things are as they always have been.

We have all changed so much since the last time we were all together in Cardiff, but we are still the people we once were, just now with a few more dimensions.

I love my friends, I love the laughs, the honesty, and the timelessness.

And in creating new memories:
- Recommendation of the evening: Never ask a waiter for his wife's number.
- Unanswered conundrum: the benefits of chicken fillets.

Until the next time

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