Saturday, 7 April 2012

Extreme Baby Led Weaning

We've had quite a change with the twins this year, and it's been quite difficult to adjust.
One of the choices mums are faced with as their babies reach six months is whether to opt for a puree approach to weaning, or baby led.

With Seren, I bought Gill Rapley's infamous book, and despite reading I still opted for a puree approach. It wasn't great, Seren did have reservations about progressing to lumpy food and then onto 'our food' but nonetheless at 3 she is a rounded eater, her favourite meal when asked is "pasta, tomato, eggs, meatballs, peas, sausage and trees (broccoli)". She's never managed them in one meal yet, but I think she'd give it a good try.

With the boys, as they didn't sit up independently until they were ten months, at six months we once again opted for a puree approach to weaning. I was quite pleased with their progress, we had a few regressions after colds and bugs but we soon built up to lumpy food again.

Until February, when the ultimate sickness bug hit, and as we went into March nothing but nothing could persuade the boys to go near purees.

Not only were we caught off guard, we had no idea what to do. Of course they would still accept their breakfast of weetabix and banana, and yoghurts for dessert, but go near them with a puree- homemade or jar- and they would wretch and manage to throw up in seconds.

For a couple of days we ended up predominately giving them the foods they would accept, after trying and failing on a series of different foods. We tried all the things Seren had loved, but to no avail.

With hindsight it was an amazing 'twin' moment to witness, the steadfast refusal to accept food, and every now and again, one would give in- and the look of disapproval thrown by the other, I love the relationship between the two of them

And as worry set in, of starvation, and desperation, lightening struck. As they sat eating Seren's toast one morning. Oh yes, the determination of children.

My little dependent boys have decided unless they're feeding themselves- they're not eating.

We have had a baptism of fire into baby led weaning. What we have discovered they love pizza, fish fingers (without the breadcrumbs), chicken, sausages, potato, wraps with cream cheese or pastes, turkey burgers, and of course the trusty toast or bread with butter or jam.

It feels like it's taken a long time to get here. We have stressed so much over how much the boys are eating, how they've relied on milk in the interim, but this week, with everyone in full health, we went to see the health visitor, and despite not having the babies weighed for nine months- oddly they've remained on their centiles- and there's still exactly a pound separating them!

As always the advice from the health visitor- "follow baby's lead, they won't see you wrong".


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