Sunday, 8 April 2012

Project #366 - Week #14

So, this week's is in a bit of a random order, but here goes:

Sunday: Tom wearing Seren's sunglasses, Seb trying to make a grab for them.
Thursday: Weigh-in, first time in 9 months, and still 1lb seperating the two.

Tuesday: Trying out an apartment instead of the 'usual hotel' in London- it was a lot more comfortable!
Wednesday: The place I spend most of my time in London (yes, that is a pub reflected in the glass!)

Friday: Improving our cake baking skills.
Saturday: Seren treated to a Lindtt bunny on a trip to the theatre (It was a shortlived relationship!).

And my favourite of the week- Monday: my babies first- a trip in the back of my car- amazing how the weather changed the following day.

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  1. Beautiful collection of pictures, i agree i want that car!

  2. Love your favourite shot, very sweet. And that hotel looks really swish and lovely.

    Thanks for linking up


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