Sunday, 29 April 2012

Project #366 - Week #17

I struggled this week, work definitely got in the way, but here we go:

Sunday- Squeaks likes playing with my phone, this app is 'Cartoon pictures'- photos guaranteed to make her giggle.
Cartoon pictures app

Monday- Supermarket shop- does it get better?
Johnson babies

Tuesday- 0530 Cardiff- whichever way you read it, I needed it.

Wednesday- 1830 Cardiff- returning home, despite the rain this sight always makes me happy.

Thursday- This really did make me smile when I was very stressed taking Squeaks to pre-school.

Friday- a bit of respite, taking the babes to soft play.
Johnson Babies

Saturday- the result of our baking session- heart shaped.

Johnson Babies baking

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  1. love the cake, had to laugh at the vans, and amazing what kids can achieve on their parents phones

  2. I love the shopping trolley photo! They don't look impressed to be going shopping lol!

  3. I love seeing the Brains' factory! And as much as I hate the smell of the hops in the morning, it's strangely comforting.

    Thanks for linking up


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