Monday, 23 April 2012

Proving Seren and "White" do mix

Hot on the tail of "Ruby Red Tells Tales" was another fantastic production at Sherman Cymru by way of "White".

As abstract as "Ruby Red", the instant attraction to young people is clear.

A Catherine Wheels Production, "White" is described as "a beautifully strange world. Full of birdsong and birdhouses, it gleams and dazzles and shines in the night."

I'm not sure about strange, Seren and I felt right at home.

The performance was flawless. The two performers were engaging, comical and ensured the engagement of the audience.

Described as a performance for 2-4 year olds, I really am becoming aware of my mental age.
I would have happily taken the boys to this (at 15months) but definitely couldn't have controlled three little people, and it would be a 50:50 chance of them behaving.
But, it would have mesmerised them.
I love the idea that this was suitable for two years old- I can't wait for the boys to turn 2!

The themes in the play seemed unique to each child, there was clear messaging in the performance but Seren just amazed me again.
Happily questioning different things, from knitting hats for the babies, to mummy getting it wrong in terms of "birdhouses " Seren quite happily corrected me: "No mummy, they're egg houses". You can't question this logic, evidently there were only eggs living there!
As Seren is still in a world of  'special eggs' coming hot on the heels of Easter, I do wonder what she would have made of this aspect at any other time of the year, but I am glad to say we've gone from special eggs having to be chocolate, to special eggs being red- although I am finding it slightly more difficult to source red eggs!

To the performance itself, it really was tailored to its audience. Seren and I sat together on a mat, and although I don't think Seren understood the instructions as we entered, it was amazing that all the children respected the boundary of the stage, although I suspect it was the enchantment which stopped them crossing some magical line.

The two characters, "Wrinkle" and "Cotton" achieved the feat of being both mesmerising and engaging with the audience. The two kept the performance moving to a pace which kept the little people engaged whilst ensuring understanding of the story of the two friends.

I loved the magic, the story, and how much Seren enjoyed it.
I loved that the performance didn't actually end., that the audience became involved.
I loved the idea that whilst white is fine, colour makes everything whole.

Seren liked the glitter ball aka the stars, and Seren it transpired likes pink, almost to an OCD quality.
I will persevere with a love for blue.

I was really pleased to take Seren to the theatre again. I think there is an element of children having to become used to different environments.
I think Seren enjoyed the performance, judging by feedback to her dad and grandparents.
I know I loved the performance.

"White" is currently on a UK tour, and so to any adults reading this who need some timeout, who need reminding that life is so much more than the daily to-do list, I would get a ticket. It is so good just to lose yourself, and yes, if you happen to have a child you can take along with you- they'll probably enjoy it too!

For more information about the family programme at Sherman Cymru, check out this link.
Click the link to find out the venues and dates of White's UK tour.

This post has been written because we enjoyed the experience, it is not sponsored.

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  1. That sounds amazing! I am checking out the link now to see if it is coming anywhere near us!

    Thank you for sharing on Family Frolics. :)


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