Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Work Project

Ok, so I'm just feeling a bit rejuvenated at the moment, the finish line is in sight.
Well, in continuing the athletes analogy, it's a bit like a relay, I get to pass the baton on, on April 26th!!
It's just there's a probability that I'm going to have to keep warming up in the background, and a chance the baton may be back in my hands in the Summer... but enough of that, for now...

April 26th!!

At midnight our proposal has to be submitted.
Since January we have achieved more than I thought possible.
Ok, so we're not there yet, and all the difficult, detail, technical, finance stuff- yep, still to be sorted.

We've managed to get lots of wonderful people, who at the first workshop in February agreed that they couldn't work together due to commercial advantage, all working together! All sharing and contributing to fantastic, new ideas.

We've got people working in one team within our business, all understanding the benefits they can get from joining in.

Last week I had to present our ideas to our directors, and in spite of not having the aforementioned detail, they were really positive about it.

It has been so good this year to have a new challenge, new things to learn and understand.

And it's been so good to have people sharing the journey, appreciating the knowns, the unknowns and even our new favourite 'the known unknowns'.

But, when I finish work on the 27th, those babes will be going straight to bed, I will be treating myself to a bottle of the bubbly stuff, and I will be waking up on the 28th with a sore head.

And then on the 30th, I will get back into the day job, and catch up on four months of outstanding work!

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  1. Hy, first time reading your blog. Love your articles.


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