Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sssshhh it's nearly Father's Day

So, as far as my husband's concerned I've not done so well this year. Yes, I took the day off for his birthday and we had a great day... but come Valentine's Day and our wedding anniversary we spent the night nearly 200 miles apart, and it was him left home alone with the little people.

So, I know I am going to have to come good for Father's Day. When I was offered the opportunity to review an Albelli photobook as a gift idea I couldn't believe what a perfect match for the OH. We have been getting progressively worse at printing our photographs, so whilst he always takes the time to message me his favourite snaps whilst I'm away, we only have them held electronically.

And we do have a track history with calenders and photobooks, albeit they've always been for the little people's grandparents as we handover all our wonderful memories.

If I was being a true romantic I would have finally gotten round to presenting the OH with a photobook of our wedding photos, having had them all given to us electronically, and on returning from honeymoon to have a pregnancy stick become positive our feet haven't touched the ground.
But! As I'm scoring brownie points here for Father's Day I wanted to use photos of the little people at their best and so I set about choosing some favourites.

On top of the photobooks and calenders as gifts for others, we've also gone down the greeting card route for Christmas and thank you cards, as well as only using online companies for photo prints.
Albelli had quite a bit to live up to,

I've got to admit it, I'm a bit of a convert, I wasn't sure I wanted to be, I've got a little bit stuck in my ways. The reason being, if things aren't idiot proof I can only do familiarity, so in the past I've stuck with what I've known because when I've tried other websites I've done something wrong and it ends up taking twice as long.
I'm happy to report, Albelli has this idiot sorted, I made many mistakes, at one point I thought I had lost all my work, the good news that little undo button sorts it every time.
So it turns out this User correlates with The Gadget Show, who voted Albelli number 1 in a photobook group test against a group test against 14 other brands.

So, what of my gift, well another fantastic feature from Albelli is the ability to share your finished product by email, social media or on a blog, and although regular readers will recognise the majority of these photos, I rely on the fact the OH won't!

So, knowing you've got the perfect pictures captured, you've messed around with the layout, the background, you love the fact you can do whole photo pages of your favourite images, and you're equally happy that for those perfect moments captured on your really rubbish phone you can do little photos, oh and the fact before you order the book Albelli will warn you of photos you've used which won't stand up to size you want to produce them, oh and of course, if you want to you can put text in throughout the book, and happy with everything, you have pressed the order button.

You of course get the obligatory email confirming your order, and of course any company now will let you know when your order is ready and when it's been dispatched.
And of course, once again, you're away in London when the OH phone's to let you know about any interesting parcel that's arrived.
Fortunately he was headed straight out the door when I got home so I'm left to inspect my photobook in peace (of course I've got home after everyone's tucked up- sometimes I hate my job).
But, oh, my photobook, and yes, of course I mean it's his photobook.

I decided to have a title on the cover, it looks gorgeous, silver on silver 'Johnson Babies 2012'- it's the little touches that make me go goey with happiness.

And of course the book is too good for him, it's like one of those coffee table books you hear about, you know the ones, yes, the ones you'd have if you could fit a coffee table amongst the toys.
It is the most touchy feely books you will ever come across, because you've chosen the memories you've wanted to capture so carefully, and fortunately Albelli have made sure it's presented in a way that ensures the quality of your memories are protected.
And I notice all the intricacies of the photos you don't spot on a screen, how my little girl went from keeping us awake teething to this gorgeous smile, full of teeth (!), and how the boys just grown so much since January.

I will force myself to give this book to the OH for Father's Day- I am, of course, the perfect wife, and he is, of course, the perfect daddy (and husband).
I just know I've added something else to my 'to-do' list- my coffee top book will contain all my wonderful wedding photographs, I don't need the coffee-table , just this wonderful photobook.

You can find out more about Albelli and their range of products here.

Disclaimer- for the purposes of this review I was sent a voucher which covered the cost of my selected photobook. The opinions and views presented are entirely my own.

What's the best job for a woman?!

So, hot on the heels of the 'feminist' admission, as I travelled to London for work on Tuesday I was met with the latest research from the BBC that 'Women hold fewer than a third of top jobs'.
The report that accompanies this headline has the bylines of 'urgent action' and 'Best candidates'.

Unsurprisingly (to me) women are most strongly represented in secondary education.

I can't help but wonder why we continue to invest in these reports, sometimes I wonder why we pay for repeat reports which reinforce what should be blindingly obvious. But yes, we are improving- I know where I work has considerably improved over ten years, but really, it's not even a drop in the ocean.

In a usual, pre-parent state of affairs, I sat down in a drunken stupor with one of our previous CEO to tell him where I thought our organisation was going wrong.
When I started in my first job, women were probably about 10% of the management base, and I think I was the youngest manager by about ten years. Getting the job I thought it was on merit, on starting the job I thought it was a paperwork error.

Fortunately, eleven years on the situation is much improved.... but now I have a different way of looking at things... as a mother.

Every quarter we have performance reviews, I'm competitive, I make sure I'm hitting my deliverables and I look for ways to keep my job challenging. I know most of my faults, and I try to think about these before I leap into action

Each quarter I'm asked about career progression, and my naive response is always the same "I don't want a promotion, I can't work any harder." And that's the sum of it, I want to be the best, but I want to be the best as a mother, and as an employee. I hope a promotion isn't about longer working hours, I hope it's about applying the expertise or intelligence gained to realise more benefit to the organisation.

The reality is this, most people I work with arrive in London on a Monday with a suitcase in hand, and return home on a Thursday if they've managed their diaries well.

When looking at 'top jobs' it has to be about what constitutes a top job. In the case of the BBC research it's about influential positions, and senior positions within key sectors.
And the underpinning factors are, I hope, now acknowledged, a lot of the time, should women choose to have children, it's about how that is factored into the career paths.

I am, on the one hand, against the norm, and therefore I wonder if I should have a good chance at hitting a 'senior position'. I have had two six-month breaks (aka maternity leave) and am in the fortunate position of having a husband who has offered to be the full time parent as an acknowledgement of a financial equation.

But, it's about the compromises, how much money substitutes being away from your family? Even with children who have 'flown the nest' who really chooses later on in a relationship that it would be good to spend four days a week apart? I don't see how even the best holidays in the world make up for one partner being at home 'with the house' whilst the other lives out of a suitcase. For me, it's not what we signed up for.

So when I think about whether I'm in the third of women who have a 'top job' I think it's more about classification.
The reality is, all things being averaged out, I have a top job. On average I work from home two days a week, on average I have one night away from home a week. We can afford a stay at home parent (it's still cheaper than childcare) and we live in our idea of a perfect home.

I appreciate there are women who aspire to the top jobs as defined by the BBC, I know that equality is a key feature of any society, and economy, which is successful, and I know that there is a glass ceiling, in many sectors there is discrimination and values which prevent women succeeding. And, yes, this needs to be sorted.

But on the other hand, so many other aspects go hand in hand with recruitment policies.
Why are women most prominent in senior positions in secondary education, my cynical side cannot help but associate this with work-life balance, and the flexibility of correlating with school holidays, etc.

This is a secondary consideration in my mind, the primary consideration to me is what women perceive as a 'top job' as, whilst I would like a senior position, the priority is making a job work for you.
I can't help but declare that my job must not compromise my relationship with my children, or my husband.
And therefore a 'top job' is whatever meets this criteria first and foremost.

So, whilst I may not be categorised by most as holding a top job, for me as a person, I definitely do!
Working mums
Perks of the job: Overlooking the Olympic Park: November 2008, six months pregnant!

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Spice Tailor Curry Kits Review

Anyone who know my husband well will know his love of curries. Life pre-children meant a weekly meal at one of our local Indians, and since having children we try to treat ourselves to takeaways whenever funds allow.
I have also tried my hand at 'making' curries, but this pretty much means a jar and a chicken breast, and on the whole a korma or a tikka massala taste the same whatever the label on the jar.

When we were offered the opportunity to review Anjum Anand's Spice Tailor range I am not sure who was most looking forward to it, the OH loves curry and I like to cook at home as much as possible- it was a win-win.

When the kits arrived, I think I was taken by surprise, I can't put my finger on why, I think it was the mix of how well the kits are presented and packaged, but also the kits aren't for curries you'd be most familiar with.
We received Punjabi Tomato Curry,  Keralan Coconut Curry, and Mangalore Herb Curry. We even had fun deciding which order we'd try them, only to find out that there are seven in the range!
The great thing about the curries is that they're all suitable for vegetarians, which means they prove ideal when inviting friends around.
After trying the Punjabi Tomato curry this is exactly what we decided to do with the other two.

The tomato curry came in three parts: the spices, base, and the sauce. For the simple cook this is an ideal way to get familiar with spices and what each adds to a meal. The great thing about these curries is that they come with an optional red chilli for heat, I hate spicy food whilst the OH loves his curries hot. One thing he is more than aware of is the difference between artificial spices and the clean heat which chillis provide.
For both of us the first curry was a hit, we loved the cooking process: heating the pan with the spices, adding the chicken (our choice), then the base and then the sauce. We prepared ours with rice and the meal was ready within twenty minutes (ten minutes for the curry, and twenty for the rice).

What we both loved most about the curry was the fullness of flavour, that by cooking the meat first with the spices and then adding the sauce means that the chicken was really tasty, but on top of that, unlike one of our previously bought jar sauces, that the kit really gave a rounded flavour.

We were really impressed with our curry that we decided to save the other two for 'an occasion', we rarely get the chance to have friends round but when we do they are the most enjoyable evenings.

The curries serve 2-3, so even though there were four of us we did take the option of trying both. We did the coconut curry with chicken and the mangalore with paneer and vegetables. They were both a massive hit. The textures and flavours were completely different, and we rarely go for vegetarian dishes but we were left with empty dishes on both counts.

What we liked most was the authenticity of the sauces, that may sound twee, but the fact you are getting the opportunity to find out what black cardamom, and green cardamom, bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns bring to a meal. I have always liked playing with herbs but shied away from spices, I feel a lot more confident 'knowing what I like' now. It is almost the first step to making curries from scratch, something I like to be able to do with all food we have.

And, as a bit more information on The Spice Tailor, I love knowing the story behind things, and it's great to know that this range was not an overnight concept, build on nearly 2 years of research (for a project manager it is great to know, I can start managing expectations!), that the kits are based on quality ingredients, fresh spices and based on being able to create at home. I especially love that The Spice Tailor is a family business, that it is truly based on partnership.

I think it's a reflection on the curries that so much attention and detail has been given to getting these to us, we loved the kits and the taste... and will definitely be a feature of curry nights into the future.
You can find out more here, the kits retail at £2.89 and can be purchased direct from the website or from Waitrose.

Disclosure: We received three kits for the purposes of this review. The opinions and views are expressed are entirely our own.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Project #366 - Week #21

Fortunately, the weather has been kind this week.
I only had Monday and Tuesday away, so got lots of time to sneak out to see the little people.

So, Sunday, enjoying the bouncy castles at the car boot sale.

Monday: MMS the boys enjoying the garden.

Tuesday: MMS the effects of lots of fresh air!
Wednesday: Mummy returns- time to make cake!

Thursday: More chilling the garden
Friday: Celebrating the end of the week! (It's empty, it's mummy's)
Saturday:  After beating up big sis and big bro with a toothbrush, we are presented with the face of innocence!

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Silent Sunday


Friday, 25 May 2012

What makes a good feminist? #FeministFriday

I hadn't heard about Feminist Friday until I saw tweets about Transatlantic Blonde at Cybher:

 Using my power for good means "not shutting up" I couldn't agree more 

and then the re-introduction of the linky:

I've never really been a fan of the 'feminist' tag, I'm not sure why, I think it was something I didn't really think about in my youth or uni days, and for the last eleven years my job means I try to avoid stereotypes, and the 'feminist' tag is one of the most feared.

When I started this job in 2001 I was responsible for Equal Opportunities and Diversity, directly for seven years, integrated in my role since.
Did I mention I work in the construction sector? Any ideas of how well women are represented?

Women in construction - the vital statistics
13% of total workforce
80% in support roles
20% of RIBA (Architects) members.
15% of RICS (Chartered Surveyors) members
5% of CIOB (Building) members
1.2% of site workers

It's absolutely pants. And one of the biggest stigmas of course relates to the fear of positive action, and a clear appreciation of positive discrimination.

The Equalities Review (2007) says it best:

“An equal society recognises the diverse needs, situations and goals of individuals. It removes discrimination and prejudice, and tackles the economic, political, legal, social and physical barriers that limit what people can do and be” 

But this isn't a university thesis, this is life, and it is the need to be treated equally that has been my priority for so long that I have disregarded being a feminist.

Then, I was fortunate to receive "How to be a Woman" by Caitlin Moran as a Christmas gift from a good friend and something in it held true:

" What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy and smug they might be."

I realised that it there is no stigma, that as Caitlin says, this is simply about being polite.

It rang true with another Cybher quote from Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter:
"It's nice to be important;
It's important to be nice."

There are so many things this year that have made me realise that it's important to represent yourself and not to try and fit in to be accepted, but to be accepted for who you are.

It rang true again the other night when I was watching 'The Secret Millionaire' a guy with a disability who had tried so much to fit in with society he stopped seeing himself as disabled, and realised how this was the very thing he should be supporting.

I also realised that whether or not I tagged myself as a feminist, it's probably more about the company you keep, and that gifts from friends not only include the aforementioned book, but also Linda Wirth's "Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling". And that my friends do read Germaine Greer.

And, maybe, just maybe, all the hopes that I have for my family do mean respecting feminism, that only by respecting each other can equality truly exist.
That for the time being, and probably for a very long time, can things only really change by people understanding the values of feminism.

And that I do want my daughter to have the freedom of choice.
And for my sons to respect these freedoms.

So, thank you for reading my first post for #FeministFriday

My name's Debbie, I'm a feminist.

Little Dish Shoes Giveaway

As I’m a member of the Sainsbury’s Bank Family Blogger Network, this promotion is on behalf of Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance

Little Dish is celebrating it's partnership with Barnado's Big Toddle- a sponsored walk for toddler's, taking part up and down the country, the biggest fundraising event in the UK for under 5s.

This is about children helping children, a fun way to get your toddlers helping those who need it. And this year the dressing up theme is Superhero's so you can let your little people save the day!

Anyone can set up their own toddler by registering online here.

Little Dish are promoting their partnership with Barnardo's by selling limited edition toddling shoes in special packs of Chicken and Butternut Squash Pie for just £5. These limited edition packs will be on sale exclusively in Sainsbury's from the 23rd May for 10 days only. Proceeds from the sale will go to Barnardo's.

So, what is my first ever giveaway?!

Well, I have four pairs of Little Dish toddler shoes to offer!! All you need to do is enter the draw below.
You'll need to:

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Two years on....

Two years ago today.....
As if....
Yep, that's right...
Wedding day

21st May 2010....
Our wedding day.
We live in Yorkshire.
We have a little girl who had not long turned one.
We're thinking about expanding the family.

Johnson Babies
21st May 2011...
We have a little girl who has not long turned two.
We have two little boys, who are 4 months old.
I thought it would be ok to suggest a less frantic year.

Family day

21st May 2012....
Our little girl is three, our boys have turned one.
They have two cousins.
We live in South Wales.
The MIL has just sold her house...
... she has had an offer accepted  on a place in South Wales.

I'm not even going to wish...

Happy anniversary Mr J
All my love xxx

Wedding day

Book review: Martha and the Bunny Brothers

We were very excited to receive another package from Harper Collins. A love of books is spreading in the house, Mr J is a recent convert to the Kindle, and the twins are now happy to sit and play with books or listen to mummy and daddy reading to them.

Squeaks will hopefully start school in September. Whilst it will be at nursery, it will be within the school at which she spends her primary education. We have been doing little things to help her adjust to the idea, showing her the school each time we walk past, getting her used to the idea of 'big children' and 'babies' so she can differentiate between her and the twins.

Martha and the Bunny Brothers

"Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I 'heart' School" by Clara Vulliamy has been the perfect read. It's a lovely story about Martha's first day at school and how her two brothers are going to get through the day without their big sister.
The great thing about the book for us was the introduction to Martha- lots of things Martha likes to do, which of course meant lots of talk between Squeaks and I about the things she likes, and the twins and our family, and our routines. It means I get to find out so much about the way Squeaks thinks, that I remain amazed by the things I think go over her head, but she is so aware- why the boys have weetabix and bananas for breakfast and she has coco-pops "Because their babies", the difference between toilets and potties "potties are for the babies"- believe me, the twins are not that advanced! And that our course, Squeaks would love to wear her tinkerbell dress for her first day at school (fortunately the school has a uniform).
Martha and the Bunny Brothers

The book doesn't actually cover what happens during Martha's day at school, but it does cover how much her little brothers missed her.

I would fully recommend this book for any little person about to start school. Whilst it is even better for children with siblings, it does help with helping a little person understand the sort of questions they will probably be asked at school and also how special starting school is.

Starting school is one of those occasions, which in my head is a million times more difficult for the parent than the child, this book helps add to the excitement of a little one's first day.

Disclosure: I was provided with this book for the purposes of the review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh, what a week!

Sometimes, I reminisce about those weekends, you know the ones, where you had such a good night, and it didn't matter what time you woke up the next day, And you'd switch the tv on, and watch some T4... I'm thinking Vernon Kay, or more latterly that Jones chap , Steve. Yes, that's right, over three years ago- pre children.

Today, the babies didn't wake up till half nine- what a bonus. Albeit, Squeaks woke up at 7- but she makes ok conversation.

But I have loved every minute of my last four days.

I will never know what it's like to be a full time parent, and from talking to the OH it's about celebrating the little milestones of freedom from what can sometimes be the monotony of looking after the little people. As the working mum it's the exact opposite, I celebrate the milestones of escaping the big people to look after the little people.

We had agreed the OH should start having regular weekends up North, the same as I did when I'd escape to Wales from Yorkshire. By coincidence, and sheer gobsmackingness, it turned out to be the week the MIL had an offer on her house.

Please, let me digress, when we decided to move to Wales the OH asked his mum to join us in the move. We agreed this was the best option as, aside from her brother-in-law, she has no family up North, that it would be good for all of us if she could be near us.

I have had to be so patient, and believe me patience isn't a common word in my vocabulary, I knew this would be a big ask, I appreciate how much people struggle with change. But I sort of find it difficult when the alternative is so much worse.
Despite letting her know we were moving before the boys were born, and then putting a temporary hold on things, and then realising that we needed my parents nearby for the children, and selling the house immediately, it didn't seem to click that we were moving. And in spite of getting the MIL's house ready and the estate agent round, photos done, the house never went on the market.
Roll on eight months and it seems some tough love and nagging has paid off. We eventually got as far as "You don't need me down there, the children are happy and so are you.".
We finally got to the point that yes, we don't need the MIL down here, we WANT her down here.

And, as history repeated itself, the house went on the market and sold within the week.

So, what of this week?!
Well, the offer was received on Monday.
Wednesday we went to view a flat. A flat that's been on the market for a while, which I've had my eye on for the MIL.

Diplomatically, it's a half way house. A block of flats for Over-60s. There's no warden but each room has a pulley, which connects to a manned office. The pulley works, I know, one of the twins tested it- instant response. They even knew the flat was vacant.

Cue Thursday, the OH on a fortunately planned trip Up North was now also armed with video footage and lots of photos.

I had two days off work. And how much have I looked forward to this? Four days with my little people!
It didn't work quite like that. We've just found a childminder and on alternate weeks they have two days so instead I had a day and half with Squeaks.

After pre-school (read housework) Squeaks and I experimented with a new cake mould. Whilst we still haven't succeeded in making pink sponge (no matter how pink I make the mixture!) we are pretty good at eating the cakes we make, with the added bonus that it is one of the foods the boys will happily eat.

Baking with toddlers

Followed by a short nap on the lounge floor (admittedly I didn't believe when Squeaks said she was tired!)
Johnson Babies

We went to collect the boys, and as a stamp of approval Little Miss loves the two ladies who look after the boys.

Friday saw another day at the childminders for the boys. And for the girls? A soft play centre and housework!
CoconutsSlush puppy
Toddler hoovering

Saturday was a great family day, family in the wider sense. My parents had my brother's boys for the weekend and they paid their first visit to our house. Squeaks was on cloud nine. Totally over-excited and  hyper-active, I grew concerned about my child's social skills. All was to be forgiven when we went to the local coffee shop and whilst the boys ordered cheese and ham sandwiches, Squeaks ordered peas and red sauce.... needless to say they were out of peas, but hey, the girl loves her vegetables.
Fortunately the weather stayed nice so we managed lots of activity time in the garden.

Balance bike
Johnson Babies
Johnson Babies

Sunday, the weather stayed nice so we went for a walk with a twin mummy friend to the local car boot. Squeaks loves the bouncy castle and the boys were well behaved, but did get bored towards the end.

Bouncy castle slide

And on the way home, we were reunited with daddy- the best moment of all.
Johnson Babies

It has been the most fantastic few days with the family. I am fortunate that I never have enough time with my children to take it forgranted... although I wish I could.

Oh, and by the way, the MIL accepted a cash offer on her house; had her offer accepted on the vacant flat; and could be in Wales for July.
... And so another chapter begins.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Project #366 - Week 20

Well we've more or less got here... I think I need to got through my folders and catch up on a missing week, but I'm going to put 2012 down as a warm up to 2013!

So, this week:

Sunday: a poorly little girl
Johnson Babies

Monday: a team meeting in London, a rubbish photo but the irony wasn't lost on us.

Tuesday: a visit to the Vinci site at Liverpool Street, two minutes earlier the rain was pouring.
Liverpool Street, London

Wednesday: viewing a flat for the MIL who's moving from Yorkshire to South Wales!

Thursday: We finally made a teddy bear cake.
Johnson Babies

Friday: introducing S to my favourite drink!
Coconuts Soft Play

Saturday: family day at the Johnson's
Johnson Babies

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Silent Sunday

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom: - A Review of 'The Elf Games' DVD

We’re getting into the mood of the Olympics, predominately because Seren loves shouting “On your marks, get set, go” and because the boys make a fast getaway from her clutches.
I’m proud to say all three of them have visited the Olympic Park, although I doubt they’ll have any memory, each was in my tummy at the time!
The games that they’re showing most interest in however are those relating to the antics of Ben and Holly.
The Little Kingdom being a firm favourite with the Johnson Babies and we were pleased as punch to receive a copy of the Elf Games DVD to review, the DVD is today (14th May) so we were delighted to receive a copy in advance.
Seren loves Ben & Holly, last night I took her to bed with one of her favourite book’s, only to discover she now knows all the words, and it’s about sticky porridge adventures with Ben & Holly.
Seren’s favourite thing to do with a wand is to recite lines from the Little Kingdom- always ending with “Silly Old Elf, back to yourself!”
The weather has meant we’ve had lots of sessions snuggled up on the sofa, and whilst we have some of Seren’s favourite programmes on Sky Plus the firm favourite has now become “Ben & Holly TV”, which basically refers to the DVD.
Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom "The Elf Games"

The episodes on the DVD are:
Elf Games
The Toy Robot
Dinner Party
Big Bad Barry
King Thistle's Birthday
The Wand Factory
Daisy and Poppy's Pet
The Elf Rocket
Picnic on the Moon
Whilst none of these are new episodes, Seren does not mind, the fact that she can watch them without interruption means we get longer snuggles. It’s also perfect for our long journey up to Yorkshire where eventually the DVD player is required to keep Seren occupied.
Whilst my favourite episode is “Big Bad Barry”- I don’t know why I just think the name’s funny, Seren’s firm favourites are “The Toy Robot”, “The Elf Rocket” and “King Thistle’s Birthday”. The great thing about the dvd is that you can play by episode, continuous or random. Seren is getting to grips with our xbox controller so is quite happy to select her favourite episodes.
I like the children watching Ben & Holly because it isn’t as gender prevalent as some other cartoons (albeit it is about an Elf and a Princess), of course it helps that Princess Holly and twin sisters- which Seren must think having twins for siblings is the norm, and the episodes are long enough to engage and are long enough for mummy to get on with other chores, that is of course if mummy isn’t too absorbed with Nanny Plum’s latest antics (my favourite character!).
We’re definitely a big fan of Ben & Holly on DVD, not having to compete with ad breaks and being able to take on long journeys means we have lots of uses for this DVD. Seren has not grown tired of Ben & Holly in the year or so she’s been watching, and the combination of episodes on “The Elf Games” DVD means constant engagement.

The Elf Games is released today (May 14th) and if your little ones are fans of Ben & Holly this will definitely give you and them some respite!

Disclosure: I was provided with a preview copy of The Elf Games DVD for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Silent Sunday

Project #366 - Week #19

Sunday: Mummy with her boys.

Monday: Helping daddy string rackets.

Tuesday: another night away with work, another hotel room view, another city- this week: Manchester!
Tuesday- Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Wednesday: home to discover Squeaks' imaginative play is improving.
ELC Dolls House

Thursday: lunch in the 'treehouse'.
UK Climbing Frames

Friday: Boys turn to play in the 'treehouse'.
UK Climbing Frames

Saturday: Guess where I've been!

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