Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Back to basics

I started this blog as a sort of electronic journal of my childrens lives, through Project 366 I am easily able to see how they are growing, but it is the things that photos don't capture. The things that really make me beam.

And here are a few of my favourites:

Squeaks can now count to ten in Welsh, she's been able to for a couple of months. It astounded me because I didn't teach her. Pre-school teach basic welsh, it cheered my up no end to hear her speaking welsh.

Wherever there is an excuse to sing into a microphone Squeaks will take it. At a Baptism last October Squeaks *quietly* sang 'Old MacDonald' into a microphone that happened to be located on one of the pews. Both me and my parents have free standing lights that have stretchy secondary lights- these are fair game and Squeaks favourite recital is 'Please and Thank You'.

In the playroom this weekend Squeaks was shouting, I put my finger to my lips and said "Ssssshhhh". Squeaks replied, "Why? Are we in a library?".
I don't even know, I couldn't keep a straight face, I am not even sure where she's heard this.

Squeaks is a complete outdoor child. She loves the seaside, the park- and now she has figured out how to open the patio doors I frequently come into a gust of wind, an empty lounge and Squeaks playing in her tree house.

Squeaks loves Ben & Holly, she loves magic wands and is frequently heard chanting: "Silly Old Elf- back to yourself". Squeaks' other favourites are "Abracadabra, turn daddy into a frog", which is followed by "Abracadabra, turn daddy back into a daddy".

Squeaks also picks up the things we say and do, she now frequently tries to move the boys if they have pulled themselves up on the tv unit and drags them back to the floor, and copies the things we say to them. I have taken to calling Cheeky "Sebastian" when he is being naughty, even though I want to stop, the fact Squeaks now calls him "Se-dastian" when telling him off really makes me smile.

They frequently now play has a three. And whilst it gives near to five minutes of peace, the end result is usually tears.
This weekend it was me crying with laughter as Squeaks attempted to play hide and seek with the boys. This basically meant Squeaks counting and getting cross with the boys for not hiding, and then trying to forcefully move them round the house to hide them- cue tears!

Another of Squeaks' favourites is drawing, and whilst when questioned she clearly understands that she should only use her pens on paper, I frequently snap myself out of five minutes peace to find the boys covered in 'ink'.
It was only when my friends made the link with my brother (the tattooist) being covered in 'ink' that I made the link, and now think its easier to stick with crayons and pencils (aarrgghhh stabbing thoughts) than continue monitoring the use of pens.

And as for my little boys. Oh, how they can make your heart melt with a smile.
They love to play 'peek a boo' and need little excuse when armed with a 'sick blanket' (that's right the muslin never regained it's name).
They can now do 'bye-bye' and hold their hand up to 'wave'. And on rare occasions manage 'hello'.
On saying 'high-5' they'll also put their hand in the air.

They still have their differences.

Cheeky is still completely similar to his sister. The same sense of humour, refusal to sleep when tired, and ability to get into scrapes- moving his sister's chair to the kitchen from the playroom, climbing onto it, to open a kitchen drawer, to jam his fingers in it- is of course, the current favourite. Cheeky loves to throw things on the floor just so mummy can retrieve them. And, as for those rare occasions when the bottom stair gate is left open, bye-bye speedy!

Tiny is still a little more cautious, at soft play whilst Seb goes crawling after his sister on the bouncy castle, Tiny needs to build up the confidence and is happy sitting with mummy gently bouncing.
Cheeky is more cautious around people, generally taking longer to 'check them out', Tiny on the other hand is much more of a flirt. As a friend pointed out 'they look with their eyes', ok this may be stating the obvious, but the boys are complete flirts they bat their eyelashes with the best of them. And Tiny usually smiles and giggles at the same time.
Tiny takes longer to build confidence, but once built there's no stopping him. Tiny is the one who has figured out the 'safe' way to disembark the sofa to reclimb it straightaway.

They both love throwing. Cheeky has a pretty fantastic aim. It is Tiny's cot however which most mornings is empty (apart from of him!), all his toys are either in Cheeky's cot or over the floor.

And, as a commitment to their new found Welsh status, they both love rugby. After watching Wales win the Grand Slam they found themselves so exhausted they had to go to bed till morning.
Squeaks on the other hand is still favours the other side of the border, she slept through the match and woke in time to watch England play... we'll have to sort that one out!

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