Monday, 14 May 2012

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom: - A Review of 'The Elf Games' DVD

We’re getting into the mood of the Olympics, predominately because Seren loves shouting “On your marks, get set, go” and because the boys make a fast getaway from her clutches.
I’m proud to say all three of them have visited the Olympic Park, although I doubt they’ll have any memory, each was in my tummy at the time!
The games that they’re showing most interest in however are those relating to the antics of Ben and Holly.
The Little Kingdom being a firm favourite with the Johnson Babies and we were pleased as punch to receive a copy of the Elf Games DVD to review, the DVD is today (14th May) so we were delighted to receive a copy in advance.
Seren loves Ben & Holly, last night I took her to bed with one of her favourite book’s, only to discover she now knows all the words, and it’s about sticky porridge adventures with Ben & Holly.
Seren’s favourite thing to do with a wand is to recite lines from the Little Kingdom- always ending with “Silly Old Elf, back to yourself!”
The weather has meant we’ve had lots of sessions snuggled up on the sofa, and whilst we have some of Seren’s favourite programmes on Sky Plus the firm favourite has now become “Ben & Holly TV”, which basically refers to the DVD.
Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom "The Elf Games"

The episodes on the DVD are:
Elf Games
The Toy Robot
Dinner Party
Big Bad Barry
King Thistle's Birthday
The Wand Factory
Daisy and Poppy's Pet
The Elf Rocket
Picnic on the Moon
Whilst none of these are new episodes, Seren does not mind, the fact that she can watch them without interruption means we get longer snuggles. It’s also perfect for our long journey up to Yorkshire where eventually the DVD player is required to keep Seren occupied.
Whilst my favourite episode is “Big Bad Barry”- I don’t know why I just think the name’s funny, Seren’s firm favourites are “The Toy Robot”, “The Elf Rocket” and “King Thistle’s Birthday”. The great thing about the dvd is that you can play by episode, continuous or random. Seren is getting to grips with our xbox controller so is quite happy to select her favourite episodes.
I like the children watching Ben & Holly because it isn’t as gender prevalent as some other cartoons (albeit it is about an Elf and a Princess), of course it helps that Princess Holly and twin sisters- which Seren must think having twins for siblings is the norm, and the episodes are long enough to engage and are long enough for mummy to get on with other chores, that is of course if mummy isn’t too absorbed with Nanny Plum’s latest antics (my favourite character!).
We’re definitely a big fan of Ben & Holly on DVD, not having to compete with ad breaks and being able to take on long journeys means we have lots of uses for this DVD. Seren has not grown tired of Ben & Holly in the year or so she’s been watching, and the combination of episodes on “The Elf Games” DVD means constant engagement.

The Elf Games is released today (May 14th) and if your little ones are fans of Ben & Holly this will definitely give you and them some respite!

Disclosure: I was provided with a preview copy of The Elf Games DVD for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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