Friday, 4 May 2012

The best bits of 'getting' twins

There's no hiding the fact it's tough bringing two little people into the world at the same time, and helping them in their road to independence.
Not only is there no hiding it, they wake you up most mornings.
But even if you wanted to push it to the back of your mind for one moment, it's the thing most people are most likely to tell you after asking "Are they twins?".

In spite of peoples general preconceptions that having twins is hard work, there are some real bonuses that means I'd definitely choose to have twins next time (Note to family: there's not going to be a next time, sorry!).

So, here we go:

  1. There is nothing cuter than two little babies cwtching into each other to fall asleep.
  2. There is no pressure to ensure your baby is socialising with other babies... it was part of the deal.
  3. The laughter- how can two babies find each other so funny?
  4. Doors become funny- one on each side, pushing it open and shut- comedians have missed a trick.
  5. You read the books that encourage toys in cots for extra time in the morning. Never worked with Seren. Can leave the boys for hours throwing things back and forth between their cots.
  6. Never scrounging round to find enough clothes to fill a white or colour wash.
  7. You become an optimist- your washing basket is always half full.
  8. The sympathy vote, you do get preferential treatment with a baby- that more than doubles with twins.
  9. You have the trump card from mums with singletons, how can they possible complain about nappy changes and bugs when they just have one. The truth is their sympathies are misplaced- you don't get any more arms when you have twins, so you can't do anymore.
  10. It doesn't matter how many children you have, some babies never sleep through, some babies are fussy, babies are all different. Some parents of singletons have it far worse and yet mums of multiples get all the attention.
  11. There's no toddler resentment toward twins- a toddler can't focus their attention on two the way they can with one.
  12. You get the benefit of choice... with one you have to narrow your options on important purchases... with two there's no pressure for the final choice.
  13. You get the comparison, is he progressing well? Is he teething, crawling, walking? No, but neither is his brother- nothing to worry about then.
  14. So, your husband thinks two children will be enough, you need to bring him round to the idea of three, how did you do that?
  15. It's great for work- they think you're contributing to organisation efficiency by having one maternity leave for two children.
  16. You never throw away half eaten jars of baby food because a single baby can't actually manage a whole jar.
  17. Those two for the price of one offers are always appropriate.
  18. I only have to do this once, if I had gone for three separate pregnancies I'd be thinking about starting the sleep deprivation all over again about now.
  19. I have two boys to look out for their big sister, and to look out for each other.
  20. If you have non-ID twins, and you're ever looking to answer the question "Are you planing more?" the fact the consultant told you there's an increased chance of having twins next time seems to stop the questioning short.

I've got to a Top 20, and the boys are only 15 months, we've so much to look forward to, we've only just started.

Please pop along to Multiple Mummy's blog to see more part of this carnival, and more posts on being a mum to multiple.
Multiple Mummy was one of the first blogs I found when I started and, like the multiple support networks on Facebook and TAMBA, really helps ensure the great side of raising little people is there, giving some fab ideas to occupy time and keeping positive.
This isn't an Oscar's speech, but when I heard who was hosting this month's carnival, the inspiration of a 'best of' list was obvious.



  1. Oh Debbie, reading that last bit, you have made me well up! I am so pleased you feel my blog is positive. I am in agreement with you, that twins have their moments of complete hardship, but for the most it is brilliant. I can totally relate to the optimist of a washing basket half full! Your post made me laugh!

    As for non-identical twins and increase risk next time....well I will have to beware when we start trying again!

    Thanks for joining in the carnival. A joy! x

  2. I love this list! And I have to say, the older they get the easier and the more fun it gets (believe me this really is true after the age of two when they can communicate, feed themselves and understand you!) Having twins is the best experience in the world, and although I'm now looking forward to expecting a singleton, I'm so pleased that I had twins first time around because this time it 'should' be a whole lot easier! Thanks for sharing your list - I particularly like the one about them finding each other funny, there is nothing better than watching them giggle at each other for no reason! xx

  3. A great list reminding me why having more than one has so many benefits. All too easy to point out the pit falls yet you show there are so many positives too. My triplets are now 8 and it just keeps getting better!

  4. Fantastic list. Having had singletons previously makes me/you really appreciate just how fabulously different (and the same) twins can be. Agree with every single one of your twenty things.

  5. Argh, did you get my comment? Bloody blogspot! Anyway, I said that I agree with each and every one of your twenty things. Lovely. :)

  6. and I think I may have been drinking. Sorry for drunkenly crashing your blog post. :(

  7. What an abolutley fabulous post. I was nodding away and as my twinnies will be 5 soon you reminded me of some precious times when they were younger too. Cheers Mich x

  8. Well said! I honestly don't know how people don't have twins! I was clearing up tea this evening when my girls walked in - one with a sunhat on, 'riding' a plastic bus, the other with a lampshade on her head - and informed me they were 'off to see their flowers'. They have so much fun together! Just hoping their little sister gets to join in too when she's old enough. x

  9. Hi!

    I'm a mummy of identical boys born at 28+1 and are now 6 1/2 months (3 1/2 corrected)! I think your list is great :-)
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog!
    Nicola xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicola. Hope you're enjoying your boys! x


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