Monday, 21 May 2012

Book review: Martha and the Bunny Brothers

We were very excited to receive another package from Harper Collins. A love of books is spreading in the house, Mr J is a recent convert to the Kindle, and the twins are now happy to sit and play with books or listen to mummy and daddy reading to them.

Squeaks will hopefully start school in September. Whilst it will be at nursery, it will be within the school at which she spends her primary education. We have been doing little things to help her adjust to the idea, showing her the school each time we walk past, getting her used to the idea of 'big children' and 'babies' so she can differentiate between her and the twins.

Martha and the Bunny Brothers

"Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I 'heart' School" by Clara Vulliamy has been the perfect read. It's a lovely story about Martha's first day at school and how her two brothers are going to get through the day without their big sister.
The great thing about the book for us was the introduction to Martha- lots of things Martha likes to do, which of course meant lots of talk between Squeaks and I about the things she likes, and the twins and our family, and our routines. It means I get to find out so much about the way Squeaks thinks, that I remain amazed by the things I think go over her head, but she is so aware- why the boys have weetabix and bananas for breakfast and she has coco-pops "Because their babies", the difference between toilets and potties "potties are for the babies"- believe me, the twins are not that advanced! And that our course, Squeaks would love to wear her tinkerbell dress for her first day at school (fortunately the school has a uniform).
Martha and the Bunny Brothers

The book doesn't actually cover what happens during Martha's day at school, but it does cover how much her little brothers missed her.

I would fully recommend this book for any little person about to start school. Whilst it is even better for children with siblings, it does help with helping a little person understand the sort of questions they will probably be asked at school and also how special starting school is.

Starting school is one of those occasions, which in my head is a million times more difficult for the parent than the child, this book helps add to the excitement of a little one's first day.

Disclosure: I was provided with this book for the purposes of the review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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