Thursday, 10 May 2012

The ever decreasing circle of sickness and bugs

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One of the things that has most changed since having the boys is how much illness there is in our home.
Pre-children we always used to get frustrated with how many friends with children used to pull out of social arrangements because they had picked up one of their children’s bugs- we thought it was a get out.
With Seren I used to get annoyed if she picked things up at nursery- she only used to go one day a week but every couple of months she’d come down with something, and sure enough after phoning nursery to say she wouldn’t be there you’d hear “oh yes, there’s a few down with it.” Why did someone bring germs to nursery? said the na├»ve parent.
And yes, I know as a baby/ toddler she was much more susceptible to picking it up.

Now with three it’s a breeding ground for illness. And there’s no rhyme or reason behind it. Any one of the three will be the first to come down with something: stomach bugs, laryngitis, coughs, colds, conjunctivitis… and each in turn will catch it, and so the circle begins.

And sometimes, we’ve been really lucky and it’s gone round twice or three times before letting itself back out of the door.

Sometimes, we’ve been ill for so long and I’ll go through a day when no-one is ill and not want to mention it, not wanting to jinx it.

We reminisce fondly about ‘that week in March’, you know the one- ‘where we were all fine, so we went out and did loads of things’.

And no doubt, when we were out and about, doing all those things, someone, one of us, picked up some germs, and brought them home.

And so the circle began once more.

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