Friday, 11 May 2012

How excited!??!- #Cybher

Tomorrow, I will have the alarm set for 5am.
And I won’t hit snooze.
I predict sounds of someone jumping up and down.

Tomorrow is Cybher.
I predict excitement.
Admittedly, as the train gets into Paddington I also predict a growing sense of fear and dread in my belly.

Tomorrow is my first bloggers conference.
I have not had much luck to date with attending conferences due to child care.
This time everything has been planned with military precision, with back up plans on top of contingency plans.

Tomorrow I will be wearing a dress a bought last October.
It still has the labels on because how many chances have I had to wear a dress socially since?
I’ve bought a lovely new bag, because I don’t think a changing bag will match my dress.

So, what is my ensemble for tomorrow?

Well, my dress was ‘dress envy’ from a Baptism last year. I asked my friend’s sister where she had found the dress, she told me how, as a parent, how little time she had for shopping for clothes for herself, but this wonderful ‘boutique’ she had discovered. I was in luck; they also had one in my size…. I might give away the name of the ‘boutique’ after tomorrow!

I bought the bag at Asos, to match the top I bought to go to Cybher. A bargain purchase, reduced from £69 to £26.
The top has been held back in favour of getting a dress out of the wardrobe.

And then I remembered I had red shoes that nearly match, from M&S a couple of years.
But I’m not completely decided on shoes, I also have black heels from Next and Red or Dead… I just don’t want sore feet… but I think my bag might hold a spare!

And, I thought I’d update the dress with a wide belt… because I sometimes think ‘Baptism’.

To keep the accessorising theme going, I’ve also matched my hair colour; in the most radical hair style change of the last… five years.

So, this will be me, either a bag of spanners or very excitable… please bear with me!

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  1. I love that dress! If someone randomly comes up to you tomorrow, demanding to know where it came from, that'll probably be me!

    My outfit is here:


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