Saturday, 5 May 2012

My home wish list

I've decided to write this list to give us some focus, so we can tick things off along the way, but also to remember that some things are much further away and that we can't do them now- we do have plans, but they're a way away.

So here goes:

Our lounge:
  1. We would love a wooden floor. Very practical. A way away- long term.
  2. When we moved here, the family had matching wallpaper and curtains. They took the curtains. We need to get curtains (we just have blinds at the moment) and sort out the wall. Ideally it would be good to have matching curtains, cushions and wallpaper, but I don't like the carpet and don't want to be constrained by matching it.... back to number 1- this should be short-term but may need to wait.
  3. One day I would like a new fireplace... this is definitely long term.

The kitchen/ playroom:
  1. I want a storage unit! I have spotted one in Ikea- matches Seren's kitchen and our tablecloth ie it's red. I like the idea of adding colour. Definitely a short-term next couple of months one. Will get rid of the numerous toy boxes. Done- my birthday present from my parents. The storage boxes that fit in the unit may take longer to afford, but just to start on some order will be great eight down... more to go.
  2. To put Seren's bookcase into the playroom. Easily done once the storage unit is in place. Short term.
  3. Sofa-bed, rug and tv- we'll wait for the children to be get a bit older for this one, it's too early to get rid of all the toy distractions. Accidentally done! Mr J's mum bought a three piece suite which didn't fit in her new flat so gave us the two-seater (not a sofa-bed but still perfect!), the rug I bought for my birthday, and the tv got brought down from upstairs. It works.
  4. Dining table and chairs- one of my purchases from the flat, we accidentally broke one of the chairs. Would like to replace... one day. Long term.
  5. Curtains- not really sure why, just think we should have them- long term!
  6. To sort a white board and black board- so we know what our plans are for the week, and to get better at meal planning- short term. Mr J got me a white board and a friend got me a lovely weekly planner for my birthday which are in the office. We then bought a small blackboard and a weekly planner blackboard for the playroom/ next to the back door for shopping lists and food plans.
  7. A new kitchen- this is definitely not a priority, we don't need one. But I loved the kitchen in our old house (which we saved up for) and want the same for this house- longer than long term.

The hall:
  1. A stupid one, but I'd like to create a memory wall. Nothing really stopping this one- short term.

The office:
  1. I would love a new desk, chair, bookshelves and filing cabinet. There is no way I can justify spending money on this rather than the family- longer than long term.

Our bedroom:
  1. We've got two large poster prints from our wedding, and the frames aren't holding up. I need to use one of the Groupon (or similar!) offers to get canvas prints made- short term.
  2. Curtains- Need to get ones that match the room (see three)- short term.
  3. Need to decide on a colour for the walls as I don't really like lilac- short term.

  1. Light fitting!- short term.

Seren's room:

  1. Put up the bunting- short-term. Done.
  2. Get bedding more in-keeping with her age (she has a double bed)- short-term. Done.
  3. Take bookcase into playroom- short term.
  4. Get bedside table and lamp- short term.

  1. Roller blind- short term.
  2. Light shade- short term.

Boys room:

Spare room:
  1. Move curtains from our bedroom- short term.
  2. Get rid of 'spare' furniture- short term.  Done! 6th May
  3. Sort wardrobe of all children's clothing (outgrown)- short term. Was done when we did some car book sales in the autumn... but they keep growing!

  1. Garden furniture- would love to think short term, finances mean more likely medium.

  1. Clear out- short term, realistically medium term.  Done! 6th May

So, this is my plan... now for sticking with it!

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