Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh, what a week!

Sometimes, I reminisce about those weekends, you know the ones, where you had such a good night, and it didn't matter what time you woke up the next day, And you'd switch the tv on, and watch some T4... I'm thinking Vernon Kay, or more latterly that Jones chap , Steve. Yes, that's right, over three years ago- pre children.

Today, the babies didn't wake up till half nine- what a bonus. Albeit, Squeaks woke up at 7- but she makes ok conversation.

But I have loved every minute of my last four days.

I will never know what it's like to be a full time parent, and from talking to the OH it's about celebrating the little milestones of freedom from what can sometimes be the monotony of looking after the little people. As the working mum it's the exact opposite, I celebrate the milestones of escaping the big people to look after the little people.

We had agreed the OH should start having regular weekends up North, the same as I did when I'd escape to Wales from Yorkshire. By coincidence, and sheer gobsmackingness, it turned out to be the week the MIL had an offer on her house.

Please, let me digress, when we decided to move to Wales the OH asked his mum to join us in the move. We agreed this was the best option as, aside from her brother-in-law, she has no family up North, that it would be good for all of us if she could be near us.

I have had to be so patient, and believe me patience isn't a common word in my vocabulary, I knew this would be a big ask, I appreciate how much people struggle with change. But I sort of find it difficult when the alternative is so much worse.
Despite letting her know we were moving before the boys were born, and then putting a temporary hold on things, and then realising that we needed my parents nearby for the children, and selling the house immediately, it didn't seem to click that we were moving. And in spite of getting the MIL's house ready and the estate agent round, photos done, the house never went on the market.
Roll on eight months and it seems some tough love and nagging has paid off. We eventually got as far as "You don't need me down there, the children are happy and so are you.".
We finally got to the point that yes, we don't need the MIL down here, we WANT her down here.

And, as history repeated itself, the house went on the market and sold within the week.

So, what of this week?!
Well, the offer was received on Monday.
Wednesday we went to view a flat. A flat that's been on the market for a while, which I've had my eye on for the MIL.

Diplomatically, it's a half way house. A block of flats for Over-60s. There's no warden but each room has a pulley, which connects to a manned office. The pulley works, I know, one of the twins tested it- instant response. They even knew the flat was vacant.

Cue Thursday, the OH on a fortunately planned trip Up North was now also armed with video footage and lots of photos.

I had two days off work. And how much have I looked forward to this? Four days with my little people!
It didn't work quite like that. We've just found a childminder and on alternate weeks they have two days so instead I had a day and half with Squeaks.

After pre-school (read housework) Squeaks and I experimented with a new cake mould. Whilst we still haven't succeeded in making pink sponge (no matter how pink I make the mixture!) we are pretty good at eating the cakes we make, with the added bonus that it is one of the foods the boys will happily eat.

Baking with toddlers

Followed by a short nap on the lounge floor (admittedly I didn't believe when Squeaks said she was tired!)
Johnson Babies

We went to collect the boys, and as a stamp of approval Little Miss loves the two ladies who look after the boys.

Friday saw another day at the childminders for the boys. And for the girls? A soft play centre and housework!
CoconutsSlush puppy
Toddler hoovering

Saturday was a great family day, family in the wider sense. My parents had my brother's boys for the weekend and they paid their first visit to our house. Squeaks was on cloud nine. Totally over-excited and  hyper-active, I grew concerned about my child's social skills. All was to be forgiven when we went to the local coffee shop and whilst the boys ordered cheese and ham sandwiches, Squeaks ordered peas and red sauce.... needless to say they were out of peas, but hey, the girl loves her vegetables.
Fortunately the weather stayed nice so we managed lots of activity time in the garden.

Balance bike
Johnson Babies
Johnson Babies

Sunday, the weather stayed nice so we went for a walk with a twin mummy friend to the local car boot. Squeaks loves the bouncy castle and the boys were well behaved, but did get bored towards the end.

Bouncy castle slide

And on the way home, we were reunited with daddy- the best moment of all.
Johnson Babies

It has been the most fantastic few days with the family. I am fortunate that I never have enough time with my children to take it forgranted... although I wish I could.

Oh, and by the way, the MIL accepted a cash offer on her house; had her offer accepted on the vacant flat; and could be in Wales for July.
... And so another chapter begins.

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  1. Oh wow what a week, it sounds like exciting times ahead for you all together! Hope things work out as you plan and thank you for adding your lovely garden pics to Country Kids


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