Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sssshhh it's nearly Father's Day

So, as far as my husband's concerned I've not done so well this year. Yes, I took the day off for his birthday and we had a great day... but come Valentine's Day and our wedding anniversary we spent the night nearly 200 miles apart, and it was him left home alone with the little people.

So, I know I am going to have to come good for Father's Day. When I was offered the opportunity to review an Albelli photobook as a gift idea I couldn't believe what a perfect match for the OH. We have been getting progressively worse at printing our photographs, so whilst he always takes the time to message me his favourite snaps whilst I'm away, we only have them held electronically.

And we do have a track history with calenders and photobooks, albeit they've always been for the little people's grandparents as we handover all our wonderful memories.

If I was being a true romantic I would have finally gotten round to presenting the OH with a photobook of our wedding photos, having had them all given to us electronically, and on returning from honeymoon to have a pregnancy stick become positive our feet haven't touched the ground.
But! As I'm scoring brownie points here for Father's Day I wanted to use photos of the little people at their best and so I set about choosing some favourites.

On top of the photobooks and calenders as gifts for others, we've also gone down the greeting card route for Christmas and thank you cards, as well as only using online companies for photo prints.
Albelli had quite a bit to live up to,

I've got to admit it, I'm a bit of a convert, I wasn't sure I wanted to be, I've got a little bit stuck in my ways. The reason being, if things aren't idiot proof I can only do familiarity, so in the past I've stuck with what I've known because when I've tried other websites I've done something wrong and it ends up taking twice as long.
I'm happy to report, Albelli has this idiot sorted, I made many mistakes, at one point I thought I had lost all my work, the good news that little undo button sorts it every time.
So it turns out this User correlates with The Gadget Show, who voted Albelli number 1 in a photobook group test against a group test against 14 other brands.

So, what of my gift, well another fantastic feature from Albelli is the ability to share your finished product by email, social media or on a blog, and although regular readers will recognise the majority of these photos, I rely on the fact the OH won't!

So, knowing you've got the perfect pictures captured, you've messed around with the layout, the background, you love the fact you can do whole photo pages of your favourite images, and you're equally happy that for those perfect moments captured on your really rubbish phone you can do little photos, oh and the fact before you order the book Albelli will warn you of photos you've used which won't stand up to size you want to produce them, oh and of course, if you want to you can put text in throughout the book, and happy with everything, you have pressed the order button.

You of course get the obligatory email confirming your order, and of course any company now will let you know when your order is ready and when it's been dispatched.
And of course, once again, you're away in London when the OH phone's to let you know about any interesting parcel that's arrived.
Fortunately he was headed straight out the door when I got home so I'm left to inspect my photobook in peace (of course I've got home after everyone's tucked up- sometimes I hate my job).
But, oh, my photobook, and yes, of course I mean it's his photobook.

I decided to have a title on the cover, it looks gorgeous, silver on silver 'Johnson Babies 2012'- it's the little touches that make me go goey with happiness.

And of course the book is too good for him, it's like one of those coffee table books you hear about, you know the ones, yes, the ones you'd have if you could fit a coffee table amongst the toys.
It is the most touchy feely books you will ever come across, because you've chosen the memories you've wanted to capture so carefully, and fortunately Albelli have made sure it's presented in a way that ensures the quality of your memories are protected.
And I notice all the intricacies of the photos you don't spot on a screen, how my little girl went from keeping us awake teething to this gorgeous smile, full of teeth (!), and how the boys just grown so much since January.

I will force myself to give this book to the OH for Father's Day- I am, of course, the perfect wife, and he is, of course, the perfect daddy (and husband).
I just know I've added something else to my 'to-do' list- my coffee top book will contain all my wonderful wedding photographs, I don't need the coffee-table , just this wonderful photobook.

You can find out more about Albelli and their range of products here.

Disclaimer- for the purposes of this review I was sent a voucher which covered the cost of my selected photobook. The opinions and views presented are entirely my own.

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