Thursday, 3 May 2012

That learning buzz!

Well, after the bittersweet end to the working week last Friday, things are back on a positive footing.
I am now back in the full swing of the day job and feeling optimistic about the proposal which was submitted last Thursday.

However, yesterday was a real 'me' day. I have started on a new course, I was meant to start in February but due to a bug couldn't make the first day, so rather than play catch up I have started later, and it's worked out perfectly in terms of coming out of the chaos of the last few months.

So, yesterday I made the drive to Gloucester (much more convenient than Norfolk!) to start an ILM course in Coaching & Mentoring.

I am so pleased to be back in a learning environment again, it is so good to trawl your brain and add new knowledge to the mix.

It has to be said, although I sometimes hate that I have been with the same organisation for so long, from a perspective of investing in their people, they can't be criticised. They have supported me through a management diploma, my project management qualification, my MBA, as well as 'softer skills' like NLP and facilitation skills. I do think they have given me the opportunity to grow and they understand that I have this need to keep learning, because I enjoy it.

It is already apparent that this course is a little bit different, and a little scarier because of it. Whereas previous courses have been about learning new skills and afterwards applying the learning, or applying the learning against previous experience, for this course I need to demonstrate application of the learning as part of the assessment.

And this is why that feeling is back, that learning buzz, that this is new, and exciting, there's a good chance of failure if I don't apply myself.

So, come September, look out world! I will need volunteers- and hopefully I can get my assignment written (applying the theory) as well as the tougher challenge, of demonstrating the benefit of coaching and mentoring through applying the theory.... Be afraid, be very afraid!

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