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Meme: How do you find the time to...

I've been tagged by the lovely Emma and The Mini Me's and Me to continue the 'How and when do you find the time to' meme that was created by Sex, Drugs, Rocker and... Stroller 

The rules:

  • Please post the rules
  • When answering the questions, please give as much detail as possible!
  • Leave a comment on Sex, Drugs, Rocker and... Stroller so we can keep track of the meme and can steal your routine tips to make the world a happier place.
  • Also if you want (and I'd really like you to!) add a little paragraph at the bottom to give a general summing up about your weekly routine!
  • Tag three or more people and link to them on your blog
  • Tweet tweet tweet #howdoyoufindthetimetomeme

Here goes...
How and when do you find the time to... your laundry
I rely on days working from home. I have the washing machine on full time, and have to rely on what ever the weather throws at us. And then rely on the tumble dryer if it's raining. I tried doing it all at the weekend, but hate doing housework on my days off and like to be out of the house. It scares me how much laundry we have, and how much damage I am inevitably doing to the environment... and our bills... but it's making our house a happier place.

...write a blog post
I must admit to getting more adept at scheduling. When I started I used to write and publish. Now I might write some on the train to London, I might have a drink on the weekend and feel melancholy. I find that I have real up and down times with blogging if work is throwing too much brain work my way, so take advantage of creativity and get a few drafted or scheduled.

...look after yourself... i.e. wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath, etc.
Ha ha ha. I used to wash my hair every other day, I have trained it to ever two days since the boys. I let it dry naturally if I'm not at work, and typically that takes all day. I went a year without having my hair cut after the boys were born- I am rubbish.
On my wedding day I was groomed to perfection- I would like to get back to that.... one day.
I don't paint my nails- they're a state. I hate baths, fortunately.
I have recently had my hair dyed and cut, it is my resolution to maintain this... if I am proved capable, I might go back to the acrylic nails I managed for the whole of six months post wedding (I hate my nails and loved them).

...spend time with your other half?
does every night whilst listening out for the little ones count?
We are trying, with the support of my parents, to get better at this. I felt I was using all their generosity as they help out so much when I'm working away, but they pointed out how little time we have together, without  having the children at the forefront of our minds, so we now try and do things as a couple hmmmm at least every six weeks.

... do fun stuff with your LO?
I'm a little better at this as I treasure my time with them so much. I've been fortunate that my boss acknowledges my hours at work, so sometimes I can get a couple of hours off to take them to soft play or bake a cake, and at the weekends we try to do stuff. When I'm working at home I try to finish at 5 so I can have time with them. It's never enough.

... spend time with family?
We try and do something with my parents at least once a month. My parents look after the children a lot, so I go out for coffee with my mum or we'll all go out for a meal.
We've moved 200 odd miles to be closer to them, so we try to make sure they do.
My MIL is in the process of moving to South Wales so I would imagine we'll do something with her every week.

... socialise with friends?
Hmmm, is this really a meme about guilt trips.
It's rubbish to say, but it's not good how much life changes, I would say 'priorities' but it's not even that. We have every intention- and someone will get ill, or work gets in the way, or the weather... or just everything... and it's a two-way street, so even more variables.
Unlike having one, I can't imagine landing on anyone's doorstep with three children on tow, so everything has to be planned.... and there's so much we can't plan for now.
We've been fortunate that a lot of friends from the other side of the border are happy to come and 'holiday' for a weekend or so, so whilst we may not see friends often we do get quality time.
I like to think I have friends who may not like how rubbish we are (I am!), but accept this. I hope they'll be the ones we'll be stopping with as our children throw mad house parties in years to come (how I laugh!).
I try to make sure I see friends once a month, it's not always possible.

.... prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/ toddler bedtime routine?
and from guilt trip we've moved on to holy grail.
If we're all home I do bedtime routine and the OH does the evening meal (fortunately the OH does the majority of the cooking so I can have more time with the LOs).
If it's just me, I'll eat the same as Squeaks. We are lucky that we have a kitchen/ dining table/ play space, so the LOs will be playing in their kitchen as I pretend to have a clue what's going on in the grown up version.
Everyone around the table is definitely easier with only one grown up.

... deep clean your home?
My aching sides. My childminder told me she's hoovers her lounge floor three times a day- knowing my three I believe her!
Our deep cleans, probably once a month when we've got people visiting. I have fond memories of my mum doing a deep clean every Friday. We just haven't got to that state of organisation.

.... do the food shopping?
This is probably the cause of our finance leakage. The OH plays squash most evenings and goes to the supermarket on the way home- we always need milk and.... It's convenient and easy. I also think if we did a monthly, or fortnightly, shop we'd save money.... hmmm, that state of organisation.... one day.

... bulk ironing?
I am so looking forward to Squeaks starting nursery school in September- I think she'll thrive, so I am excited for her. So, whilst other mums may be crying at the emotion of the milestone, I'll be crying at the introduction of an ironing pile.
I have so few clothes which need ironing, it's a completely built in response to shopping for clothes- must not need ironing. And I know as the LOs start school it's going to be the introduction of a new household chore.... damn the education system!

The summary?
I think I'm just adopting the stance of natural optimist. One day I will have time for all of this. One day I'll prioritise better. I'm sure there's all sorts of mantras around about not missing this time with your children- and so, as I miss too much at work I'm sticking to my excuse that I'm not willing to miss anymore due to housework (I do hope you're convinved... I'm not!).

And so, as I think of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, or for a better mental image, as I turn to my Carrie Bradshaw's.... I would like to tag a few mums of multiples for that holy grail...

Please, forever in debt to any guidance you can offer:

Blue Bear Wood
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  1. I'll try and find some time to do this, this is the 3rd tag in as many days! So busy at the mo.

    Mich x


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