Saturday, 23 June 2012

The party continues- a fab giveaway from Harper Collins

So, continuing the party, as I have always maintained birthday celebrations should last the week.
I don't think I can get away with it for as long with the blog, so this will be it (for this year!).

The aspect of my life which I have most appreciated being given a boost through the blog is reinvigorating my love of books and theatre. The best bit of the love being reinvigorated is this time it's not about me, it's about passing the love onto my children.
As a child I grew up wanting to be an author of children's books, as a teenager I wanted to teach drama. 
Unfortunately I couldn't balance my need for enjoying both with learning about them, I just liked the enjoyment without the need for the technical stuff.

And so over the years I have continued to read for enjoyment, I have enjoyed studying and gaining knowledge from books, and I have enjoyed the odd trip to the theatre.

Now that Squeaks is three I have a companion for theatre trips, and the range of theatre for children is so good, and that standard so high that we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Introducing Squeaks, and the boys, to a range of good books is just as important, and fun. We have so many books in the house (even after the massacre of moving house) and now the children's bookcases are competing with mine.

A benefit of the blog has been to read reviews on a range of books I might not have otherwise heard about, and a wonderful benefit to the Johnson Babies has been getting to know Harper Collins Children's and their fantastic collection of children's books.

What started off as a reintroduction to the kitchen, has moved to reading some fantastic titles, and to meeting an inspiring author of children's picture books (more on that to come!). For this I am enormously grateful to Harper Collins, and pleased as punch they wanted to be part of my party celebrations.

And so, for this giveaway Harper Collins have kindly offered four of their children's books to one lucky reader. The books will be decided based on the age of your child, I can wholeheartedly recommend their publishing choice for the little people in your life.

So, how can your child get their hands on some fantastic books, simple, follow the instructions below!:


  1. The Gruffalo

  2. Mine was Swallows and Amazons, Kitty's at the moment seems to be Room on the Broom

  3. Guess how much I love you x

  4. My older son's favorite bedtime stories were Elmer the patchwork elephant books, my little man loves Sandra Boynton's Going to bed.
    (My Mum didn't read to me, she used to tell stories, she's a fab storyteller)

  5. The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

  6. The Children of Cherry Tree Farm by Enid Blyton (or any Enid Blyton books)

  7. I loved 'My naughty little sister'

  8. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis.

  9. I was a famous five girl before moving onto the Chalet School stories! Love Hairy McLary for the younger members of my family now though.

  10. I loved having traditional Fairy tales read to me, then moved on to Enid Blyton when I was reading for myself.

  11. Amber the Ambulance for my 18 month old


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