Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Project #366 Week 24

So, a very late entry for me, but here is last week in pictures:

Sunday: Squeaks still very proud of the glitter cat she had applied to her arm as part of the fun of my cousin's wedding.
Monday: Squeaks gets artistic and shows me her picture of a kangaroo on a parcel going up to her Nana's.
Tuesday: London: the Shard
Wednesday: Shard at night- if you squint
Thursday: Oh yes, it's the Shard again
Friday: Realisation. Not sure if it was of spending too much time in hotels, or my instinct to keep taking the pens.
Saturday: Moving beds at night, looks like the thought of returning to her own bed got waylaid by the need to sleep.

Johnson Babies

Johnson Babies

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