Monday, 11 June 2012

The untruths your health visitor tells.... and teething

I will forever be indebted to my first health visitor.
Her name is Charlotte Mansell. And anyone living in Calderdale will hopefully feel the same way.
I had been put off health visitors so when Charlotte met me at nine months pregnant I was determined not to show weakness.
A few weeks later I couldn't have needed her more.
She supported me through so much.
We were fortunate that after a rejig we kept her as our health visitor after the boys were born.
I really miss her now we've moved to Wales.

One conversation I remember well is that of the child who teethes first... walks first.. you know, preys on your insecurities as a mother.
The first thing Charlotte told me is that mothers will only tell you what their child is doing well, not the things they worry about.
And secondly, that whilst her son used to push himself backwards on a trike whilst everyone else pushed forward as part of  'the race', her son was off to uni and some of the others "hadn't done so well for themselves".
I'm not sure of the truth in the latter statement, but in essence both statements say enough.

Typically, the boys are starting to walk right on schedule, the exact same time as their sister.
Squeaks started walking in the July, the boys have started walking in June, take in their month adjusted and they're bang on schedule.

Teething is the same. Squeaks got her first tooth in the December, and then they just kept on coming.
She'd get these terrible colds, and we'd worry so much. And at the end we'd notice another tooth and we'd remember that's how it happened.

With the boys it seems conjunctivitis is the illness of choice. I do not even pretend to understand.
But needless to say, I've been in one of the "I can count on one hand" scenarios with bring Cheeky into sleep with me, and noticed today one of his molars has come through.

It's amazing how quickly they catch up.

As per Michael McIntyre's joke about never seeing an adult crawling with no teeth and wearing nappies... it does all come together.

But oddly, and cruelly, I've not 'dosed' the children up on teething stuff.
As Squeaks dribbled so much and everyone said she was teething we did toys, teething gel, powders- the lot, we had given up by the time the teeth started coming through.
And we just haven't bothered with the boys. I prefer them to have Calpol to know where things are at. And I don't like giving them Calpol... so it's a rare occurrence... they don't like it, so administering it's a nightmare... so it's a win-win!

I'm just so impressed with their ability to cope, of how proud they are now they've started 'walking' as they fall toward you with another tooth to show for their effort!

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  1. Children are amazing with their ability to cope! My little one is forever charging into things and falling over and having suffered from severe reflux, is constantly sick and ill...and just picks herself up and five minutes later it's all 'What's the big deal mum?!'
    Glad you found a genius HV. It is such a mixed bag. I have so far been through 4 and somewhere in there also found a gem. There is no way on heaven or earth I'm changing surgeries now!


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