Saturday, 28 July 2012

Love it or hate it? London 2012 Olympics

So, in 2008 I started working with a fantastic team of people who would build the 2012 Olympic Park and Athletes Village. And in doing so, the work I get to do with an amazing sector became a small part of what would eventually go on to be a fantastic achievement for construction, and the UK.

National Skills Academy for Construction
Overlooking what would become the 2012 Olympic Park and Village

A small claim to involvement.

I have been so amazed and proud of the teams of construction companies I get to work with, and the team at the Olympic Delivery Authority, for making so much happen to ensure the industry does itself proud.

We 'officially' finished our work in July 2011, I was on my second bout of maternity leave since our relationship began, and missed out on the celebrations.

It does seem bizarre. In the time it took us to build the Olympic Park I had three babies (poetic license applied!).

I went back to the Olympic Park, for the final time in July 2010, knowing I was, once (twice) again, pregnant- in a way all my children have been to the Park, given on my first trip I was six months pregnant. The Park and Village were breathtaking to me, the build had come so far in such a short amount of time- and such iconic sporting venues had been created.

I have not been interested in what has followed, my attention at work has turned to what will be happening after the Games and all my energies were applied in the lead up, and being amazed as the construction completed and exceeded all expectations, a cause for celebration in itself.

As I sat down last night, I suspected I would tune the tv in for the Opening Ceremony.
I did not expect to be so enthused by it, to be so proud to know this is what this country can do.
That so many people can come together to achieve so much.

 I suspect I will be tuning in a lot more before September is out.

The Opening Ceremony replicated what was understood from the construction process.The 2012 Olympics has involved so many amazing people, and if that isn't enough, it will enthuse a generation.
The lighting of the Olympic torch proved that we are quintessentially British. That we maybe influenced by celebrity. But, when it comes down to it, we know what makes the difference. We know what British means. We know our heritage. We understand our humour.
Most importantly, we understand that we are dependent on inspiring the future generations of Great Britain.
That they be athletes, volunteers, and those in the construction sector.
That webring the flame, that may be lit, to inspire those to make our future.

For all those who might have read this expecting some more focused sports news, can I just signpost you to a website....this is the Learning Legacy of the ODA, how the construction sector raised the bar for the sector and demonstrated how well it does what it does.
And if you're interested for one minute in the work of the National Skills Academy for Construction, check out this report about what can be achieved when people put their mind to it.

For a long time, that song, 'Proud', has been my baseline, to look at these little people does that, to look at the Olympic Park and Village has from a work perspective, and last night the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony made me proud of my heritage.

The National Skills Academy for Construction

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  1. I love London Olympics, but hate how they are selling the tickets


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