Friday, 13 July 2012

A new chapter for Squeaks

Today is the end of term party for Squeaks' pre-school.
Last week I took her to visit her new nursery-school.

Fortunately, we got the afternoon sessions, which means subject to energy levels Squeaks' can do wraparound with pre-school for three of the five days.

Last week I walked with trepidation with her into the primary school which could be Squeaks' second home for the next seven years.
I needn't have worried. Talk about in her element. She cried as we were leaving- she didn't want to go home.
I love this about her.
Fortunately as we were leaving the children all ran into the playground, and I explained that we needed to get Squeaks a white t-shirt (school uniform) before we can go back.
Every morning since I have been asked if we are going out to get a white t-shirt.
I'm not sure how I am going to keep this going till September!

I have to admit I am so excited for her.
She has thrived in so many different environments where she has been free to socialise with other children, and enjoy different activities.
And I think she is ready for this next step, and more.

How did we get from here...
... to here?
Now, the OH and I have been talking about other activities that she might want to get involved in.
As a little water baby we are hoping she can start swimming lessons soon as we don't think she's getting enough out of her trips where she insists on jumping in all the time, and probably needs to see other little people swimming to see what she can do.
And, as my mum reminisced about Nadia Comeneci this week, and I finally understood why gymnastics had been such a big part of my childhood, and I couldn't help but realise this would be more perfect than dance lessons for my daredevil child.

Whilst I know Squeaks will go back to pre-school in Spetember it still feels, well not like a chapter's closing, but that another chapter opens.
In September Squeaks will begin wearing school uniform five days a week (a subject for another post!).
She will begin her life in education... and who knows when that will end.

And for all the negatives in my mind, the positives for her come out on top. I am so excited. I can't wait for the days I might escape from work to pick her up, to hear all about her day. Because, if it's even half her current enthusiasm- I will still be blown away.


  1. Awww look a her I like her outfit., It amazes me how fast the time passes. My eldest is three on Sunday and I find it hard to comprehend .
    It sounds like she is going to really enjoy her new chapter in her young life xx

    1. It's amazing, I remember how much I thought she had grown at her second birthday, her third has brought a whole new world as she comprehends her feelings and language (and manipulation and control ;o))... so I can't wait for her to get to 4!!


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