Sunday, 22 July 2012

Project #366 - Week 28

Ok, so I'm running a bit behind... again... but here we go, the memories of a week ago.

Sunday: Squeaks got to go to a birthday party. And in the latest stage in her development has learned to stick her tongue out for photographs- you go girl!
Monday: Regular bed hopping activities.
Tuesday: A bad day at work. In London. I treated myself to two, rather than my customary one. I know how to live.

Wednesday: Finishing a great meeting at The Building Centre. It warranted a photo.
Thursday: Squeaks got treated to a trip down the Bay... trying to get away with staying.
Saturday: Bedtime with the Gruffalo.

And my favourite photo of the week, just for the milestone... Squeaks end of term party... next term pre-school in the morning and nursery-school in the afternoon!

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