Friday, 6 July 2012

Reflections on Day 2- Britmums Live!

I was a bit more reluctant about writing about day 2 of BritMums Live. I felt a little deflated after day 1, I was probably lacking energy after a week at work and a bad night's sleep, and yet, despite this, I can't help but look at everything that happened over the space of the day and be astounded by the ground covered, and realise why I felt so shattered on the train home!

I met some amazing bloggers on day 1 and could not help but think my blog lacking. I do have to remind myself of the reason I started blogging, and that I didn't start it with a reader audience in mind, I do not have a story to tell, but it is my online memory book, of everything my family has become.
And that as a result of creating this memory book I have been lucky enough to meet the most welcoming bloggers, inspirational people and been in receipt of some great opportunities.

The sessions I attended on day two were a mixed bag. From a technical perspective I attended a great session focused on SEO and legal issues. Both halves of this workshop were really informative and helped me get a sense of perspective on the do's and don't of writing for a potential audience.

From there to a session on blogging for the greater good left me really inspired with plenty of food for thought on working with charities. The message loud and clear is that so much can be achieved, and the key is to do one thing well, and something that means something to you will help in this. There were so many amazing experiences recalled which demonstrates how far reaching one person's blog can be.

If that session brought home to me the difference a blog can make, the session on blogging for happiness tipped me right over the edge. Not only was the postivity and honesty of the bloggers taking the session absolutely amazing, but the discussion that flowed was, well, for me, heart wrenching. How so many people can do so much through the power of words, and be prepared to be counted. Well... of course, I cried.

So, it was a fortunate distraction to attend a session on creating a social media plan. I have to admit this was my compromise workshop, feeling that it might help with so many things. It was probably the weaker session for me, but only because I still don't feel like I've created a brand, and I don't want to manage a brand. I'm just seeking that secret diary on how to fit all the different social media tools into my life... I am none the wiser!

And then from Cherry Healey to the Bloggers' Keynotes.
I wasn't sure what this session would bring.
The answer, more tears.

The posts that were showcased were fantastic, very well placed and all inspirational.
But I couldn't let this one go with out encouraging any readers (any?!) to read this post by Downs Side Up 
I think, well before anything else, what a pure, amazing post this, this post resulted in any tears and a standing ovation. And then, you realise, this is what a blog can do, this is what a blog can achieve, and this is the power of words, through a blog.

I can't summarise BritMums Live any better than the fact this is what it shares, this is how it brings people together.You might not have enjoyed every minute, you might not have taken something away from each session, but the benefit of being there, in the words my OH hates to hear me say "you had to be there."

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