Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: Organix Baby & Toddler Food

I've previously blogged about the fun we've had with the boys and their "decision" to move from purees and spoon feeding to baby led.

In some ways things are getting easier- sometimes they're ok with being spoon fed, but this is just to lull you into a false sense of security- the reality is the boys are ready to start feeding themselves with cutlery- so now the real fun starts with hand-eye co-ordination, and even more mess!

We've been a fan of Organix since Squeaks was little, but we've always been stuck in our ways. Find something which a toddler enjoys eating and with such a rare occurance habit emerges.

So we were delighted to receive a little toddler Organix hamper through the door the other morning.

Our Organix Hamper!

The great thing about hampers are that they persuade you to introduce foods which you may not have thought about before.

With Squeaks, she was a big fan of the Alphabet biscuits, with individual packets and lulling mummy into thinking they were also educational, and daddy also sneaking a few past his lips they went down well.

So, we were a bit caught off guard when the boys didn't like them.

We moved to savoury and have always stuck with the cheese and herb puffs, again useful in individual packets, We've stuck with these, happy with the knowledge that salt and fat levels are lower than in childrens snacks.
Then a friend introduced us, well them, to Carrot Sticks, now usually I wouldn't been a fan as there's lots in one bag you're reliant on a bag tag to keep them fresh... but the boys love them and are quite content with one in each hand! (NB I know there are carrot stix in the goodies range but they're just not the same!

So, how did we get on with our hamper?!

We loved almost everything! (We've never succeeded in tempting the children with raisins... grapes no problem... raisins... grinded into the floor!).
The highlights for us were the mini cheese crackers. We're massive fans of cheese biscuits, and with the 'no junk' promise it means I can feel better about snacking. The boys loved them, I think they helped their teething as their gums gnawed away at them.
Obviously the Cheese & Herb puffs went in no time at all.
We also loved the Gingerbread men, we've stuck to rich tea biscuits, but the gingerbread men offered a bit more flavour, without being as strong in flavour as other ginger biscuits.

The big surprise for us was the mighty meal. As the boys have only just started accepting spoon fed and I've only just got them back on to pasta I held no hope for a toddler meal. It's now been six months since they allowed a toddler meal to pass their lips. But optimistic on breaking the pasta barrier we went for it!
And to my surprise it was good. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't great, but it was progress. Being quite chunky I am sure helped the babies. The fact I could put a dumpling on a fork and leave with each to nibble on whilst I fed them helped too. And for mum, knowing that it carries the Organix ethos of no salt, starches and preservatives is also a good thing.

Receiving the hamper reminds me why it's good to try new things, having a good grounding of knowing the food is better for the babies than childrens pre-prepared food does help.

Disclaimer: We received an Organix hamper pack for the purposes of this review.

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