Thursday, 26 July 2012

"The Somethingosaur" and other dinosaurs- Book review

Dinosaur books

We're going through a dinosaur phase. It happens every now and again.

We've got a few books that we've collected over time.

'Dinosaur Roar!' by Henrietta and Paul Strickland was one of our first dinosaur books. Provided as part of the Book Start scheme, Squeaks really loves the variety of dinosaurs in the book. The book introduces children to the concept of opposites, and it's a book that the boys (at 18mths) are starting to show an interest in.

Squeaks had 'The Very Dizzy Dinosaur' book and toy set for Christmas. The book by Jack Tickle is really colourful and introduces you to all the different dinosaurs. I must admit I struggled with the pronunciation of some of the dinosaurs, but it's an engaging book with rhyming text which keeps all three little people's attention.

The Somethingosaur by Tony Mitton

'The Somethingosaur' by Tony Mitton is our most recent addition, published in June 2012, it absolutely enchants Squeaks. The illustrations, by Russell Ayto, are absolutely superb, mainly because the Somethingosaur is accompanied by a little creature. Fans of Ben & Holly will be familiar with Gaston, the ladybird, and this is the name Squeaks has given to the creature in the book. She got really upset that he doesn't feature on one of the pages and what would the Somethingosaur do without him?!
The book, like "Dizzy Dinosaur" uses rhyming text, in this case, I enjoyed this as it's very humorous in places, especially the line around "...or I might have to eat you"- this gets Squeaks everytime, putting her hand over the Somethingosaur to prevent this threat!

'The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar' by Russell Punter is Squeaks' favourite when she wants to trick me into a longer bedtime ritual. It's an Usbourne First Reader so takes us longer to make our way through.
I think Squeaks is demonstrating that she's ready for longer books and showing the engagement throughout so I'm happy to read her longer stories as well as the many short stories she is learning the words to verbatim!
'The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar' is a story about friendship, and to some extent- acceptance. Squeaks loves all the interaction and, as always, picks up on how the dinosaur is feeling- especially when she thinks he's sad!

These four books offer great variety for little ones who love dinosaurs, and will introduce children to the different benefits of books- from great illustrations, to engaging language, and learning aims.
Having a theme which children are interested in offers great opportunities to embrace imagination and learning.

Disclosure: We received a copy of 'The Somethingosaur' for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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