Friday, 31 August 2012

A million thoughts

I am sat here with too many things to do, my brain is mushed, I have things I know I need to think about, to plan, and yet, I feel with a glass of wine in my hand, I'm doing ok.

If you had told me last week, this is how things would be by now, I would have, well, I just wouldn't have believed you.

In this time, I've read some really, really heart wrenching blog posts, things can change so much for people, life can be changed overnight.

And so I can't help but remember someone's words:
"Don't sweat the small stuff."

This week, we made the decision on a car. My prized possession will be part exchanged for a 'high up' car. A car which the mother-in-law can get in and out of without trouble. A car which will fit two baby seats and a booster seat.
Not such a biggie.

In work I finally got round to writing job descriptions for three new members of my team. It'll only happen if we get the funding for the proposal we submitted in April. And we're still waiting on the decision. I felt it was tempting fate writing the job descriptions, and still haven't got round to writing my new job description.
One which may make it easier at work- who knows.

Squeaks is officially ready to start school, and swimming lessons, next week.
The boys have gone from Speedy Gonzalez's on hands and knees to little whirlwinds walking. As suspected, out and about with three renegades is exhausting.
My children grow more amazing to me by the day.

I went to London on Wednesday and got home, received the baton from the hubby and he went off in a transit van. He is coming home tomorrow.
With his mother, and all her worldly possessions.
To live with us whilst the purchase of her flat goes through.
In typical Johnson style, this was decided on Tuesday afternoon.

A week ago, for my birthday, I got my wish for new furniture for the playroom. And my little transformation took place:

It's a good job we tidied it up!

There's enough room for her bed. Nana Windows is too poorly to get upstairs to the spare room. Squeaks is really excited about Nana Windows coming to stay, she hasn't seen her since Christmas.
We've explained to Squeaks about what's going on, we've had two responses:
"No, I want to sleep in the playroom and Nana Windows can have my bed."
"I'll kiss Nana Windows knees better when she gets here."

How is it a three year old can put everything in perspective?


  1. A week full of changes and decisions, wow. Remember to take a time out once in a while, take care of you x

    I am loving the storage cabinet in the playroom, can I ask where it is from?

  2. Sounds like a very busy time for you right now, love that "don't sweat the small stuff" phrase! Take the advise and hope you are feeling more on top of things after the weekend - and have that extra glass!


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