Monday, 27 August 2012

Another year...

On Friday, I became another year older.
Oddly, I became 34 in the 34th week of the year.
Please note: I am only aware of this because of the Project 366/ 52 project.

I keep thinking I am only thirty. I keep minus-ing 30 years from things, and the acknowledgement that I am nearer to 35.. and ergo 40.

I wonder about the relevance of age,,
As I see posts from bloggers who I associate with, nearing their 30th birthday, and feeling old.
And likewise, bloggers who are talking about 40 and thereafter, who have a far better social life than I.

And as always, you're wondering, does age matter?!

This is me, on my 30th birthday.
Pre-children. pre-marriage, in Yorkshire.

I have been so tempted by the blog posts of letters to my teenage self- and yet with only four year on this person I wonder what I might tell her.

Would she believe me? Would she change anything? Would she do anything differently?
I think about all the things she didn't know.
And all the things she has added to her life.

This is her now:
Coping with more than her 30 year old self would have imagined.
Gaining so much reward from her life than her 30 year old self would have imagined.

If there was ever a present that summed up this 34 year old woman, it would have been this one, the one with no hints nor tips, one of her best friends had gifted her:

Concluding, that even if you don't think you know yourself, fortunately your friends do!

I have no idea what advice that I'd give to my 30 year old, or 16 year old self.

Living your life seems the only thing you can't go wrong with.

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  1. Awww, lovely post. Life can change a lot in 4 years can't it? You look fab by the way! xx


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