Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo! - A review

The wonderful Emma Chichester Clark has a lot to answer for! We've been preparing Squeaks for her start at nursery school in September.
Uniform sorted, excited child in check, we have started reading books to help the idea of what happens at school.
We received 'Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo!' to review, and this was our introduction to Emma Chichester Clark... and we are hooked.

It transpires that this is the eighth title in the series, and I suspect the Christmas list will contain some of these books ("Merry Christmas Blue Kangaroo!" may well be our Christmas Eve book).

The book tells the story of Lily starting school. Lily invites Blue Kangaroo to join her, and I guess the tale could be about Lily playing off some of her insecurities and excitement about starting school through Blue Kangaroo.

Although you could guess I would be saying this, this book really is perfect for children starting school. It more than supports the introduction to school and the routines which will follow.
Squeaks is hooked, and she is only excited about starting school, with no hint of fear or trepidation, her mind is now focused- Blue Kangaroo must come to school with her. We received the book a few weeks ago, and since we have been hunting high and low for such a kangaroo. And in typical "coming to the rescue" styley, I have managed to find a pattern off ebay to make one!

"This is what I have to have for my first day at school mummy."

The story takes you through some of the key parts of starting school- the preparations and school based activities. It allows lots of conversation about the activities and emotions.

But, more than this, it is beautifully illustrated. As always, it chimed with this Roald Dahl fan that Emma was originally taught by Quentin Blake at the Royal College of Art in London.

Squeaks loves to *read* this book, and in line with her new practice, she is desperately learning the words when she does let mummy read it to her.

'Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo!' is published by Harper Collins.
You can check out Emma's blog

I may well be back in a fortnight to recommend the 'vintage toy pattern'!

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of 'Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo' for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed are simply our own.

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  1. I remember a dinosaur one mine read on starting school, great idea to get children used to books and one which sets expectations for school too.


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