Sunday, 19 August 2012

Growing old together

I recently posted this photo of my twins:

As I looked over it the other day, I couldn't help but reflect how much they have changed already.
And of how likely this closeness will be as they grow up.

I do not want to isolate my daughter.
And I do not have the benefit of being a twin myself.

But photos like this make me so grateful.
That this is what we have created.
We have created the best of friends, and no doubt the worst of friends.
And hopefully, grumpy old men,

I look at this photo, a little bit tipsy, and I imagine them getting old together.
With separate lives.
Bonded by biology and family.

I know, scientifically (ahem I don't but I've read something), that (if they are non-identical) that genetically they are as identical as the relationship with their sister, but in the whole nature-nurture discussion, they did share the same womb, at the same time... they have shared the same cot, the same room.... and forever they will share the same birth date, only separated by the reversal of number (0635 to 0653) .

They uniquely communicate, for hours at times, and yet I know they're also adept at communicating with their older sister, and yet it's still beyond the comprehension of their mummy and daddy.

They will, like it or love it, grow up forever compared to the other, by family, teachers, friends or foes.
They will, no doubt, attract and rebel this in equal quantity.

And, as their mother, loving both, and with no idea how this feels at an individual level, I will be in awe of this.


  1. This is one of the best baby photos I have ever seen. EVER!

    I think twins are so lucky in the bond they have with each other. Congratulations!

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