Thursday, 30 August 2012

In two weeks time- the school bell will ring!

So, there is lots of excitement in the Johnson home. In fairness, it's been like this since July.
I feel like I am going to be a pro at dealing with the Christmas buzz.

Ever since Squeaks went on a taster day to her nursery school in July we have been managing expectations.
It hasn't helped that her pre-school is also out for the summer and she's desperately missing her friends.

The only way we've managed to get through this situation is due to the 'white t-shirt'.
As I dragged a crying child away from school in July, the only way I could pacify her was with the excuse that almost every child was wearing a white t-shirt and the only way Squeaks would be able to start school would be if we could find her a white t-shirt.

Since then we have been crossing off items on the shopping list, making sure Squeaks has everything she needs to start 'big girl school'.

We even got laughed out of out Clarks when I stupidly attempted to take Squeaks and her brothers in the double buggy into the shop on a Saturday lunchtime. And yes, we laugh in the face of adversity. We love our Clarks shoes- successfully purchased!

Of course, there's been the unanswerable questions- why Cheeky and Tiny aren't allowed to go to school- hence it is now known as 'big girl school'.
We've used it as an excuse a mechanism to demonstrate which behaviours are unacceptable in babies and those which make a 'big girl'.

We've also had to think about what Squeaks is capable of, we've decided to trial wrap-around, so three days a week (as previous) Squeaks will do pre-school, which will take her straight to nursery school for her afternoon sessions.
Unfortunately, it means Grandma will not be able to look after her on a Monday anymore, and I think this will be touch on both grandma and Squeaks.
And it will mean daddy will have to make the most of quality time on Monday and Friday mornings.

It is when all of this is considered it seems she is growing up so fast.

But I cannot even come close to the enthusiasm she has for this opportunity.
She needs so much stimulation and this seems like a natural progression for her.

Oddly, the thing I am most worried about is the introduction to a school uniform.
It seems, and is, so young to start dressing a young child in an outfit which will see her dressed in a uniform for the next, potentially, fifteen years of her life, and maybe beyond.

I am of course transferring my own insecurities.
As a child my mum knitted my cardigans and jumpers, and made my pinafores, skirts and gingham dresses.
They were never a match for shop bought. And I always felt different.

I am trying not to over compensate with my children.
And yet oddly, I already have identified a potential cause of 'distinction'- how expensive is school logo embroidered uniform?!?
I may be exaggerating, it felt this way, that when we went to open day every child had the embroidered white shirts. And of course, my child would have nothing less.
Until I looked at the prices, and the fact I know my child and the stains which magically appear on her clothes.
And I had this dilemma- could I make my child feel different by not having the school embroidered clothing?!
I hope I have made a compromise (!!). If Squeaks wears pinafores, no-one will know her t-shirts lack embroidery! And I have bought the logo-ed jumper and cardigan so she'll always appear in-keeping on first appearance.

I know this is my insecurity.
Although I can't help but feel moving on from sewing the school badge to a blazer has perhaps moved in the wrong direction... if this is a reaction to not wearing ties, surely it was cheaper more practicable to wear ties than for children to constantly outgrow their logo-embroidered clothes.

And so I tar my child's first day at school with thoughts of money.

But I have two weeks to get over this... and join in with the joy and excitement of a three year old!

In a fortnight I will proudly be posting a photo of my child starting her first day at school, logo-ed cardigan and all!

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