Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Peace, Harmony and a Sandpit

When the weather was good in May we invested in a sandpit. Our Plum Octagonal Sandpit was one of those bargain purchases- I say purchase- we used the Tesco Clubcard Exchange so managed to get it for free.

Neither of us were sure about whether this would be a worthwhile purchase. We knew we had little ones who loved the beach, so was there a point to sandpit when the beach was just down the road?

And now, neither of us could have underestimated what a difference it would make. We get time off!

Squeaks loved it from the word go. She will sit and play in her sandpit for hours on end.
As you can see from the photos everything becomes an aid to maximising her enjoyment in the sandpit. Why go to the toy when the toys can come to you?
Since she has discovered how to open the door into the garden life has got a lot more interesting.
If we are putting the boys to bed we will frequently come down to find the door open and Squeaks sitting playing in the garden.
It has been the most fantastic addition to support independent play.

And as the boys became comfortable with the garden it quickly became their favourite place to play.
The interesting thing is how obsessed with sand they all are.

The boys will happily let Squeaks put it in their clothes and on their head, Squeaks doesn't mind the boys ganging up on her as long as she's got sand.

We can sit happily and watch them play.

Plum Sandpit

The benefits of the sandpit are that is equally ensures independent play and childrens play.
Whilst it is still great to drive to the beach when the mood takes it is so easy to open the door and let them explore within seconds.
The design means the little ones can perch on the edge or dive right in- depending on their confidence on that particular day!
The sandpit does do a good attempt at keeping the sand in- although nothing can accommodate a child's willpower on this score.
And, the greatest benefit- sand does wash out- no matter where it gets- it can be brushed off, or straight into the bath with them!

The downsides- on this particular product the cover wasn't up to much. As a result we haven't used it. This hasn't been too much of a problem as the children don't mind what state the sand is in, but if you're going to provide a cover it's always good when it does the job.
The sand does get everywhere! I suspect we will end up investing in a few more bags next year. Again, not a problem- well worth the investment to get the time off! However, it's where you find the sand!
I am desperately trying to teach Squeaks that the sand has to stay in the sandpit- but hey, to a three year old, filling her brother's hood on his top with sand is technically keeping to this instruction (he is after all also in the sandpit), and just because mummy doesn't find out until he's getting changed for bed is mum's bad.... hmmmm.

The addition of the sandpit to the garden has definitely improved family life, from a little bit of peace for daddy, to lots of playtime and fresh air for the little people.

Disclaimer: I've written this post as part of my application to become a Toys "R" Us Toyologist. Currently looking for families for the 2012 programme we would be very excited to be involved (and with no pressure, the results are out on my birthday- wouldn't that be a lovely present!!

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