Monday, 13 August 2012

Potty training success

I just thought I'd post an update on this one.
To remind me when thinking of potty training the boys that it's not going to be that bad!

I posted back in January about our journey to the toilet trained daughter.
We made it.

I would say we made it about three months ago.
I've just been afraid to say it aloud.

We haven't reached dry nights yet though.

So, what happened?
I don't know!
We just took the leap. We took it with pre-school in February. As Squeaks only goes for three hours it seemed a reasonable step. There is a routine there, and whilst I am sure you can go to the loo at anytime there is also the nappy changing/ toilet time.

And this it turns out routine has been the most important thing. Squeaks seems to forget she needs to go to the toilet. Usually this is accompanied by her doing something really fun, completely distracted.

We still have the odd accident, and these are usually accompanied by me beating myself up for not having remembered to ask her if she needs the toilet.

It did just happen as everyone said- when Squeaks was ready.

And now it brings lots of giggles, you see Mr J (as the SAHD) taught Squeaks that Number 2's were called "Bobby Davro's" (because he's... poo). And this is what Squeaks calls her number 2's.

Cue friends staying with us last week, and the regular leaving the house routine:
"Ben, do you need a bobby before we go out?"
Oh, the poor boy!

I must admit, after intially failing to toilet train Squeaks when she turned two I was demotivated to try again, and our main motivation is that she cannot start nursery school in nappies. It wasn't as difficult as I thought, because she was ready. 99% of the accidents have been whilst she was distracted with something.

I have to admit, we have a few more hurdles to overcome with Squeaks- dry nights; zero tolerance on bottles and dummies.

And then, I know it, before I have taken breath it will be that time.... toilet training twins.... Please. Send help!

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