Sunday, 19 August 2012

Project 366 - Week 33

You know when the weather's not good, you know, when you haven't got any posts for Country Kids....
Well, that's been this week, it's sort of *not been as planned*.
Admittedly the week didn't start off that badly... but as my week got worse, so did the weather!
So here goes:

Sunday: So, a side story, we (read 'I') bought the kids a trampoline for Christmas (yes, I know, but I like to have Christmas sewn up by October- dictated by a history of working in retail). It arrived whilst I was working away. So the OH put it in the office (it being the nearest room to the front door). Now read 'subject to temptation'. When friends came to stay last week it increased the OH's rebellion- so the two OHs assembled the trampoline- and what a good thing that was because he needed Rob to help him, there was no way he could have managed to build it on his own.

And so to Sunday, with a glimpse of submission, the children loving the trampoline (NB This is how the boys always play!).

Monday: the boys also love the sandpit!

Tuesday: so, at 4 o'clock I received the most random email, which appeared to say the proposal I had spent three months of my life working up had been successful. I knew it was random so decided to celebrate with Peroni (rather than champagne). My suspicions were correct and on Thursday night an email retraction was received (hence confirming the bad week).

Wednesday: a great day of work (still reeling from the good news!), an inspiring time at the Action Aid Summer Blog Party, and then a great evening at Covent Garden.

Thursday: After a good day at work, the 'retraction email' on the train on the way home, I decided to go with a favourite saying "No-one can be uncheered with a balloon"- it worked for Cheeky!

Friday: Treating the little people to Dora and the ice lollies

Project 366

Project 366

And my favourite photo is Saturday. My gorgeous Tiny twin:

Pyloric Stenois twin baby - recovered

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  1. i love his buzz jumper and its a lovely photo of him- he look very happy and full of mischief!
    the photos of the trampoline and sandpit are nice too showing your three children playing together so well xx

  2. Lovely photos with lots of garden fun going on! Just realized we have the same cushions as you in our new Travarno Scandinavian lodge - good taste!

  3. Lovely pictures, that last picture is absolutely gorgeous!! We have had one of those weeks too, I couldn't do Country Kids either!

  4. Sounds like you've been messed around this week. The pictures are fab and we didn't do country kids either, partly because I left my phone behind on the one occasion I could have got a photo.

  5. Lovely pictures, especially the last one - looks like a 'give me the camera!' shot (I get lots of pics of them walking past the camera because they want to see!)!!

  6. Not as planned - the story of life with kids really. Just love those big blue eyes and how he's working the camera. A natural

  7. Love the picture of the week. He looks a real mischief! Lovely to see them all sitting together enjoying Dora.

  8. love the way they can play together so nicely ( well most of the time) at that age. what a sensible couch to have with 3 sticky ice-lollies melted on it

  9. A lovely set of Images, what fun they had :) xxx

  10. Aw, he's so cute! Looks like a fun week. Love the trampoline shot x

  11. I'm not surprised they couldn't resist the temptation of the trampoline! Love your favourite shot too!

    Thanks for linking up


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