Sunday, 26 August 2012

Project 366 -Week 34

So this week has been that week. I am technically another year older.
And, my motivation  for work has now reached minus points, and missing the family has, as always,only been exasperated.

So, here goes...

Sunday: our latest car boot purchase. I suspect this to be the one that will have the greatest impact on our electricity bill. We are the owners of a bouncy castle for £15- bargain!!!

Monday: a trip to Birmingham. I got to visit one of my favourite projects- the Library of Birmingham. Unfortunately on this occasion it was just to use their meeting room, so I didn't get the benefit of the tour of the site. Whilst I am undecided on the fit, I do think the building iconic, especially for its sustainable and environmental considerations, and the fantastic project team at Carillion.

Tuesday: working in Bristol-guess who's in charge of looking after the children?!

Wednesday: the search for a car with enough boot space for a double buggy continues!

Thursday: a trip to Peterborough. With the entertainment of a diversion across the first Severn Bridge.

Friday: Did someone say birthday?! Have some flowers!!

Saturday: My favourite photo- Miller dog at Rhoose Point.

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  1. Happy Birthday, I rather love the bridge crossing photo too x

  2. That dog is too cute for words I see why he's your favourite

  3. Gorgeous selection of pictures! Hope you find the right size car soon!

  4. Happy birthday! How much fun is the bouncy castle?

  5. your dog is beautiful and its my fav photo of your selection too.happy belated birthday too - sunflowers are a wonderful flower always brings a smile to my face whenever i see one x x

  6. Such a gorgeous dog!! I have a few lovely Severn Bridge photos, it is great for photos. Your very own bouncy castle, your children must love you!

  7. one happy soggy doggy. I like the bridge picture as well.

  8. Great picture of the dog. You've seen more of the new library than I have yet (I'm a Brummie).

  9. Happy Birthday! I love the pic of your dog too - gorgeous!

  10. I had sunflowers for my birthday too. We went across the Severn bridge the other week and I much more prefer it to the second. Beautiful dog!

    Thanks for linking up


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