Thursday, 16 August 2012

Red and yellow and...

The very wonderful Fiona from Coombe Mill has tagged me in the Travel Supermarket "Capture the Colour Photo Competition".

The competition focuses on the use of colour in photography and the use of colours.
So, here's my take on blue, green, yellow, white and red.


A recent photo from one of our trips to Porthkerry Country Park. Obviously appreciating a blue sky is always a good thing, but being able to bring out the colours in the kite is the bonus.


From life pre-babies, July 2008. The added bonus of returning to uni was a trip to Beijing. Seeing the Great Wall and to appreciate its surroundings was, for me, a once in a life time opportunity.


So, its not beyond the cliché of yellow flowers, but there's seeing a child appreciate the beauty in her surroundings, to me that is the difference. A trip to RHS Harlow Carr.


 The relief, the purity, the peace and the innocence. My boys. Delivered safely and in good health. From seeing them on ultrasounds to snuggling together in reality.


"There's a lot of thought behind those eyes". My daughter's first trip to Gaddins Dam above where we used to live in Yorkshire.

And now, to tag five bloggers who take fantastic photographs and could probably make fantastic use of a £2000 travelling budget:

The amazing Blue Bear Wood who is making promises of blog posts I want to read at Blue Bear Wood

AJ, it may not be up your street, but! it's photography (Check) and it's travelling (Dublin Check)- it'll be great: The Linear Legume

Fellow multiple mum, Rebecca who takes the most gorgeous photographs of her daughters at Here Come the Girls

My blog idol, Sarah who has the most fantastic blog at This is me- Sarah mum of 3

And Boo, Roo and Tiger Too front lady, Sarah, a wonderful blogger full stop!


  1. Thanks for the tag. Love the photos. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the tag - great photos! Good luck chuck. x

  3. oh I have only just seen this post (was awol al of August) but thank you so much for the tag! Your photos are beautiful especially that first one just amazing!!


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