Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Teething Bling: A review

So, teething, if this was word association you'd probably respond "sleepless nights". I've written a post previously about our approach to teething and that we've never found anything which has done the job so as a result we've just given lots of cwtches to get the little ones through it.

I was offered the opportunity to review "Teething Bling" the boys were getting some more teeth through. And I welcomed the opportunity to try something new. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much, but one of the things that all children constantly do it pull on my necklace pendants, so this might just be a double whammy for success.
Product review for Teething Bling from Smart Mum UK

Smart Mum UK are the sole distributor of Teething Bling in the UK. Made from the same material as most teething toys, the pendants and bracelets are designed for the adult wearer in mind, but with the priority of safety for curious babies,.
Designed for babies to handle and chew, the products are non-toxic, phthalate BPA, PVC, latex and lead free. All pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. Teething Bling carries the very important CE trademark which means they meet strict safety standards.

What does all that mean for me? Well, it always helps when a retailer's acting responsibly, it gives you confidence that they've considered not only a good product design, but also ensuring that your baby can use it without worry.

We've been using the pendant for a few weeks now. I say 'we', this is obviously designed for the parent. However, one of the benefits of its safety standard is that it's suitable for children.
And when you have a three year old who either adopts the stance of mother or baby, this has been a great product for Squeaks bonding with the boys without reverting herself to being a baby.

Product review for Teething Bling from Smart Mum UK
Product review for Teething Bling from Smart Mum UK
The boys have got quite a few teeth. A recent trip to the dentist has established that Cheeky has more than Tiny, they both have a couple of molars through and they've still a couple of gaps in their front set.

The Teething Bling has worked well for both the front and back teeth. The boys are old enough to position the Bling where they most need to, as you can see from the photographs, it's also easy enough to position it for them!

The boys have been pacified by the Teething Bling, which has been great for mum and dad! The benefits over most other teething aids are that it's not likely to get lost or thrown down somewhere as it's around mum's neck, it's shape is a lot more friendly in reaching where the teething need is, and it's also dishwasher friendly so you can ensure it stays as hygienic as possible.

For mum, it's a great necklace pendant to wear,. When I received it in the packaging I had no idea of what material was, it looks like a really nice stone, so I was surprised (although logic told me off as this was after all designed for teething!) to find it as a pliable plastic type material. It seems bizarre to say I've been wearing a teething aid around my neck for the last week- but no-one noticed!

Product review for Teething Bling from Smart Mum UK

Teething Bling has definitely been a surprise success. If the time was ever to come around again, I think I would definitely have invested in a pendant from a baby reaching six months. It's been great for pacifying teething pains, it's great for hand eye co-ordination, and with the added bonus of mum being happy to wear jewellery which looks good and without fear of being 'yanked'.

Teething Bling is available from Smart Mum UK. We reviewed the Turquoise Pendant which is available for £12.95 plus delivery.

Disclosure:  We received a Teething Bling Turquoise Pendant for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. I have to say I loved this age, when their personalities really start to emerge and they become such fun. Your two are just adorable.


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