Monday, 13 August 2012

The day that...

... My husband became someone's father

I am sure their bond was created from the moment he held her.
A bond so immense nothing can phase him where she is concerned.
I am sure she is high five-ing him in this photograph- taken within the hour she was born.
Creating a new relationship which would change my husband forever.

This is my husband- becoming a daddy.

I think the shock and elation is completely transparent on his face!

This is my entry for 'The Day That' competition. I hope it's not based on photography skills- can I plead giving birth an hour earlier as the cause for the poor quality?
Please check out The Boy and Me's blog for fantastic photos!


  1. What a lovely memory and great picture. x

  2. I can see your huaband's happiness from his face. I think this is one of the most exciting moments in the whole life.

  3. He looks completely and utterly overwhelmed and overjoyed. Isn't it fantastic to do that for someone else?

    Thanks for joining in.


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