Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The fun part of baby led weaning twins

I wrote a while ago about 'Extreme baby led weaning'. What did I mean by this? That moment where your child (children) decides s/he no longer wishes to accept your purees, lumpy or not, and that you discover the only food they are willing to accept is that which they can feed themselves.

So, that was April, this is August... where are we now?
Well, let me start by the most gob smacking, at the end of my April post, I showed the boys weigh-ins. Cheeky, who's never had a problem with his weight as such had always been competing for the 50th centile, Tiny had been trying his best to catch up but never quite made it.
So, on Monday we had their 18mth check up.. and they're exactly the same weight, on the (non-adjusted) 75th centile.

Conclusion- no matter how much I think they consume a lot less then they ever did on purees, I am quite simply incorrect, obviously wrong. Feeding themselves, their way, is working. More so, no matter how skinny I think Tiny is, he's not, he's my little fighter.

And so, I can't help but conclude that at the time they chose to begin baby led weaning (14 months) we definitely had the better deal.

Let's go back to Squeaks. My spoon fed baby. Who refused a high-chair. Whenever we went out to eat there would always be someone having a cold meal as they had to entertain her. We didn't mind. We didn't know any better. We did all the tricks- fed her first, made sure we took distractions. But nonetheless we gave into her every whim.

Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have done this differently. It was, after all, our first child- we didn't know any better.

And, the truth is, I wouldn't do things any differently with the boys. They didn't sit independently till they were 9 months, so purees were always the only option.

But am I glad they are now eating for themselves- of course!
A friend with around the same age gap between twins and toddler has always baby led weaned. Her approach to give equal time to her children.
And this is the best bit now, that they more or less eat the same, and the boys are getting to grips with cutlery far quicker than Squeaks.
NB When I say "getting to grips" please read- "the boys favourite food is yoghurt. When they chose 'baby led weaning' they made allowances. Me spoonfeeding them yoghurt was their 'allowance'. As of two weeks ago, I do not dare attempt to spoonfed them yoghurt. They must feed themselves, or mummy must face the consequences. Oh yes, my gorgeous 18 mth olds are more than adequately making up for the tantrums and 'terrible twos' that Sqeaks skipped'... 6 months ahead of schedule (hey, surely this should be 8mths non-adjusted!!)."

And yet, in spite of my moans, the best bit has been in discovering places to eat out.
We have discovered the fun and enjoyment of eating out as a family.
And, even if I might have dismissed it in the past, I am a convert to buffet-style eating.
We have discovered Cosmo's.
I don't think places like this are a rarity. Basically, a few seatings a day. English, Chinese, and Indian food (predominately Chinese).
Buffet style.

The benefits- all three (and mum) eat food we wouldn't consider eating.
No-one has their food go cold.
Everyone can take their time.
Everyone finds something new they like.
Not liking something does not create a crisis.

I have to say, especially with three little ones, eating out feels like such a luxury, and now feels enjoyable, and not a cause of panic or tension.

And, here is evidence that the boys agree!

And, because this made me smile, eating with an extended family, means the minute you give up your seat- there is always someone willing to take it!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, nor a review, this is simply a post about baby led weaning where we have found an eating out solution!


  1. Great post! Our twin boys are almost a year old ( non corrected / their birthday is in 2 weeks ) and they sit in their high chairs nicely and love feeding themselves, and just as your twins used to make allowances so do ours! Our twin favourite is also yoghurt and that is the only thing I am allowed to feed them! they both love broccoli funnily enough and marmite on toast!

  2. Our twins are coming up to 18 months now and I've not been able to feed them for months! Stubborn little things, they are. Once they realised that, with a form and a spoon, they didn't need me anymore, then that was that. Some evenings we have to go straight from the dining table to the bath, but other than that, it's going very well. Mostly. Have you tried them with jelly? It's hilarious.

    1. Fork, obviously. Not form - that would be weird.


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