Friday, 24 August 2012

Trading in the convertible for a 'family friendly' car

It's inevitable, it has to happen.
My most extravagant (pre-children) purchase has to go.

And I'd be ok about it.
If I could find something to take its place.

Life before babies, life thinking there would be no babies.
Life with a promotion and deciding to take the cash rather than a Ford Mondeo.
Life saw me purchase my gorgeous VW Eos.
Of course within a few months of getting it I got pregnant.
Fortunately a car seat fitted (although there was no hope of getting a travel system in the boot).
And we even used it as our wedding car.

"How could this be done? By such a smiling sweetheart."
And, it might have been ok, if six weeks after this photo we hadn't had the realisation that the car might not suit three little people.

As it was, we decided Mr J's car would be the one exchanged for That car. You know, the realisation, that you need a car to fit three baby seats and a double buggy.
And in spite of all your positive thoughts, the truth must be faced,
The people carrier.
And you know you are not only a parent, but you have family. And there is no option.
So, we got a VW Sharan.
And, it's ok. Great even. It does everything we need it to do, the buggy, the baby seats. And we've even managed a few holidays- so suitcases as well as the buggy.

We don't need two big cars, but the shortfalls of my car are evident:

Can you spot Squeaks?

And, looking ahead to September, and then January, it would be good to be able to offer to do the childminder/ school or pre-school/ school run on my way to or from work.
Without the small question of seats being an issue.

We went out at the weekend to look at cars.
Can anything make you quite as despondent?

Did I mention one of the reasons for getting my car was that I have a tendency to scratch large cars as I am rubbish at parking cars?  And that I couldn't bear another big car.

And, trying to find a car for three baby seats results in the people carrier option every time.

So, now I am thinking, hey Squeaks didn't have a buggy after she hit 22 months.
And, when will she be ready for a booster seat which might give us more options...

And, maybe I should just keep my car and not do school runs.

Growing up really isn't fair!!

1 comment:

  1. walk the children to school and keep the car.
    Am hopeless with cars (I don't treat them very well). We have a tiny car which is economical - fine for 3 of us around town but no good for holidays (nothing fits in it).
    Good luck with your search.


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