Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Twins and the 18 month milestone

So, the boys had their 18 month review with the health visitor a couple of weeks ago.

Eighteen months old.

How did that happen??!

It is so odd this time. With Squeaks it now seems like we thought she was growing up much faster. With the boys, they're still babies to me.

It seems odd thinking when Squeaks was 15 months old we decided to try for baby number 2.
At 20 months Squeaks went into a toddler bed.

I love taking it so much easier with the boys. Not keeping a mental checklist of everything that will make them 'normal'.

My little boys are as perfect as I could ever dream they would be.
And here's how they're doing at eighteen months.

As twins
Despite efforts to maintain their individuality, as we were doing their 18 month health check it was very difficult not to refer to them as 'twins'.

From a developmental perspective whilst one may always have the slight edge they do everything within a week of each other- crawling, cruising, climbing, walking; these are all things they both do to the same ability. Deciding to refuse purees, deciding to feed themselves with cutlery, deciding to eat baby food (again) as long as they're feeding themselves- these all seem to be decisions which if not made jointly are definitely decisions made by following suite.

Their physical differences, well, aside from being non-identical, Tiny has the bigger feet by 1/2size, although they are the same width; Cheeky has more teeth.

It does transpire, 18 months plus 16weeks later they are the same weight. You see I have this memory of their 20 week scan and the sonographer being surprised that the boys measured exactly the same. Despite everything between then and now, the boys are now the same weight.

I still can't tell them apart in terms of who is crying. The childminder happened to hear my daughter crying and commented on how she sounded exactly like the boys crying. The only time I can actually tell is when Cheeky does the wobbly mouth cry.

Speech wise, I'm pretty sure they're not as advanced as Squeaks was, but they have some words and sounds nailed down, along with (polite) hand gestures and an ability to understand and respond to requests.

I pacify any concerns over speech with their ability to communicate. The boys can be left for 30minutes or more in their cots happily playing, laughing and 'talking'. Like everything else, as the need takes I am sure they will follow the other in the talking stakes.


Technically the older twin, Tiny is definitely a mummy's boy at the moment. He much prefers to assess his surroundings from the safety of his mother's grasp. Once he completes his assessment, he is off- as brave and daring as his brother.

Tiny has a great sense of humour. He demonstrates how well he can communicate with a clear understanding of what he is being asked of him. Tiny has always had a lot to say for himself, although this has not converted into many words as yet. Tiny is the more confident walker and can pull himself up to standing as required. He enjoys eating everything, although has a habit of finding food he likes and filling his mouth to bursting.

Tiny is definitely still the slighter twin. His face is slightly longer and thinner, and this is the easier way to tell the boys apart.

Tiny gives the best cwtches and kisses, he still doesn't appreciate books. although he loves Peppa Pig, Iggle Piggle, as well as balls, duplo, cars and playing in the garden.


His "aka Cheeky" says it all. Cheeky is following in his sister's footsteps. His bond with his sister is stronger than that of Tiny's. Cheeky most closely resembles Squeaks from a physical perspective. His personality is very similar- fearless, comic, and cuddly. He displays similar levels of independence as his sister, although he can lull you into a false sense of security on this- when the boys were settling into the childminders it began with Tiny crying when I left, just as I adapted to this, Tiny got comfortable and it was Cheeky crying.

Cheeky has the worst temper. I have never known strops like it from an 18-month old. And a lot of the time it's all I can do to stop myself laughing at him- he however is very serious in communicating whatever he is opposed to in this manner!

Cheeky will bring you the remote control if he thinks there's something better on the other side. This occurs most nights at 1830 in the battle between the news and In the Night Garden. Cheeky loves Makka Pakka, although his impressions of George Pig are very impressive.

Cheeky knows already how to wrap you around his little finger. He is the most ticklish of all three children and his laughter is the most contagious.

Between Cheeky and Tiny, with Squeaks thrown in for good measure-our world is complete.
There is never a dull moment.
We have been through so many milestones already.
In the feeding stakes, the teething, the physical development, the movement, the communication.
And we've got so much to come.

And right now, I can't wait. I'm loving every moment!

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  1. That's lovely. Mine have just passed their 18 month milestone and they sound so similar to yours in so many ways. My twin one does a very good pig impression too. Mine are also a bit behind speechwise, but like yours are able to follow instructions and understand every word. They'll soon all catch up I'm sure. I think with having older ones, they don't feel the need to talk so much and in our house anyway, they wouldn't be able to get a word in even if they wanted to. Lovely pics, Cheeky certainly looks like he lives up to his name.


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