Thursday, 2 August 2012

What do you love most? The laughter!

As I thought this evening about what's changed, what's made life easier, I think of the laughter.

I know Squeaks has always laughed. But I think it was mainly provoked by mummy or daddy.
Now, with three little people, mummy gets to enjoy watching on.
The barrow-fulls of laughter.

I'll let you into a secret, the boys are 18 months, and still not walking (properly).

I'm ok with this, the health visitors have been round for the 18 month check up. Admittedly I down played their progress. But even with this, and then seeing the truth, there was no concern.

Why am I not concerned?
Squeaks was a late walker, and yet (due to my own learning difficulties) when she met a speech therapist it was concluded that her speech was ahead of schedule.
So, nothing, and everything is relevant.
I trust my instincts and I'm not worried about the boys.

Why am I not worried?
I can only conclude- the laughter.

Tiny is a far better walker than Cheeky.

Tiny has always had focus- putting on weight has always been a priority.
Cheeky is so much like his big sister- no worries and no concerns (but OMG the temper tantrums!!).

And oddly, Cheeky finds walking absolutely hysterical.
As soon as we all start encouraging his walking ability he just goes into fits of laughter.
And we all go into fits of laughter.

And I couldn't give a damn about their walking because nothing but nothing beats the sound of laughter.

To sound arrogant, I think this is the benefit of twins, the companionship, the laughter.
Both crawl like Speedy Gonzalez- mainly to get way from their big sister!

This evening, after bathing the boys, I just let them roam upstairs.
They didn't need mum.
But, the laughter.
It was everywhere.
And I have no idea why.

This is what I believe, that the boys will ensure neither is left behind.
The boys will defend each other to the ends of the earth.
Whilst ensuring they can each defend their sister.
And beat up on their sister when circumstance dictates.

Having children is so rewarding.
Having laughter makes life so much easier.


  1. My twins laugh away to each other. Sometimes I have no idea what it is about. It just is. Twins have a wonderful ability to keep each other entertained and mine have a fantastic relationship. If it wasn't for having to change their nappies, I would be superfluous to the cause.

  2. My two didn't even roll over till 10 months, they were very late with all their physical developments, but they could talk sentences by 14 months... They all develop in their own time and as long as it doesn't concern you then stuff everyone else. ;-)

  3. What a lovely post and as you say the walking will come in their own time. They sound delightful.


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