Saturday, 8 September 2012

Big Girls School

So, some seven weeks later, we've managed to make Squeaks the happiest little girl in town.
Our little girl started big girls school this week.

Admittedly, it's nursery school, at a primary school, and it's mixed gender, but, in her world, it's big girl school.

Seven weeks ago, Squeaks popped in for all of five minutes after we were away for the taster session.
Seven weeks ago, I carried a crying Squeaks away from school.
Seven weeks ago, I convinced Squeaks that until mummy bought her a white t-shirt it wouldn't be possible for her to go back.

Thanks to 'Big Girl School' Squeaks has learned the months of the year, to know she can start big girls school in September. Her behaviours have been focused on those acceptable at school- "hands over your mouth when you cough" and sharing.

Going to big girls school has made Squeaks aware that the boys should be starting 'baby school' (I wish!). And that whilst her cousins go to school, it is not her school they go to.

So, on Thursday, one very excited child got ready for big girls school.

When she arrived, she understood her teacher's instruction, to take her name marker from the table put it in the basket, and go into the main classroom.
At this point, her pre-school carer arrived with one of her friends, she grabbed his hand and dragged him off to play.
She loved it!
Her pre-school carer was surprised it was her first day, no tears, no doubts, it was just fine.

Come Friday, I had a poorly girl. Pre-school, nursery-school and swimming had exhausted her on Thursday, plus her over-tiredness meant she had been really difficult to settle that night.
Having got up at her usual time, she was shattered, after breakfast she went back to bed.
But, mention the time was ready to get ready for school, and my little girl was back in business!

Friday evening, a nap at 5pm, bed with the boys at 7pm, I could get used to this!!

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