Saturday, 15 September 2012

Project #366 Week 37

"Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company!"
It's started to become part of the Sunday night routine now, spending an hour seeing how everyone else has found the week.
As difficult as it was to get into the habit of taking photos every day, now I don't know how it's possible to stop!

So, our week that was:

Sunday: Tiny decides he wants to help out with the hoovering.
Monday: Making cakes with Squeaks for a competition (oh yes, grampy entered Squeaks into a cake baking competition?!? As I was away Monday-Wednesday we had to make them before I left and hope they kept!).
Tuesday: Did I show you this photo of Mr J and his Nana!!
Wednesday: Mr J finds the best form of transport for the school run.
Thursday: I get the best company at work
Saturday: It seems walking up the slide is the way forward.

And my favourite photo for the week, and a milestone- Friday: Mummy and the boys walk to the park!

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  1. They're just so cute. And the cakes look great :)

  2. I didn't notice the little back packs before, they are perfect for all the bits you would have put on the buggy!

  3. Gorgeous photos, love your favourite photo, the boys look so cute with their back packs on!

  4. Super cute but i love your favourite picture, they look adorable!

  5. what a great sleection of photos love your favourite with the little back packs!

  6. Funny how climbing up the slide is always as interesting as sliding down

  7. lovely photos - like the one of the pair of them attempting to clim up the slide! i think i need one of those back packs for my dawdler of a toddler!! well done on managing a walk with the pair of them x

  8. It is obligatory for little boys to walk up slides not slide down them! Lovely photos. Wondering what your little girl is sat in?

    Thanks for linking up


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